My mum has discovered she has a chilling link to Jeffrey Dahmer – it took her 44 YEARS to realise | The Sun

My mum has discovered she has a chilling link to Jeffrey Dahmer – it took her 44 YEARS to realise | The Sun

A TEENAGER has discovered her mum's chilling link to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer that took her 44 years to realise.

TikTok user Jaden realised that her mother was a former classmate of the Milwaukee Cannibal after flipping through the pages of her high school yearbook.

In a short clip proving the killer connection her mother shares, the 15-year-old posted a number of pictures of the baby-faced brute.

She captioned the clip: "My mom's high school yearbook from 1978."

Dahmer can be seen sporting a deadpan expression as he poses for the camera at Revere High School in Ohio, wearing his iconic aviators.

Another shows him turning his face away from the camera, disturbingly resembling his future mugshot after he was finally snared.


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The killer also huddled in for a group shot with other pupils – and even sneaked in pictures for high school clubs he wasn't part of.

Jaden ominously zoomed in on a blacked-out figure lurking among members of the National Honor Society – which turned out to be Dahmer.

Former classmate Mike Krukal explained that the prankster gatecrashed the shot of the academically elite, despite his grades falling short of the society's standards.

He told LadBible: "In our senior year, Jeff Dahmer was not in that group academically, but he's in this photograph.

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"I believe it's the president of the group who had him blacked out. So in all the yearbooks, there's a body without a head."

Although it took Jaden's mum 44 years to remember her cannibalistic classmate, Mike said it was "the first thing I thought about when I heard he was arrested."

He added: " I just remembered this strange photograph that is so haunting today to look at and know that this person, right dead center in the middle, is Jeffrey Dahmer."

The details of Dahmer's high school years were intensely studied in wake of his murders of 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

School pal John Backderf described him as "quiet and shy", despite him making a name for himself as the class clown.

The New York Times reported that the killer's pranks were so popular that some classmates recalled: "Don't do a Dahmer" as a popular phrase.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence he began to kill when school ended.

Backderf recalled how Dahmer spoke fondly of those days from his prison cell as "the best time of his life" because he had friends.

He added: "I don’t think it’s any coincidence he began to kill when school ended."

Just three weeks after graduating, he procured his first victim in Ohio after finding a hitchhiker on his way to a rock concert.

Steven Hicks was bludgeoned and strangled with a dumbbell before Dahmer dissected his body and buried his remains in his garden.

He horrifically dug up the 18-year-old's body weeks later and dissolved it in acid, where he wass then able to crush the bones with a sledgehammer and bury them once again in his backyard.

Dahmer was eventually arrested in July 1991 after his sickening murder spree, confessing to his crimes but claiming insanity.

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However, a few months later, a jury ultimately found him sane in the murders and sentenced him to 15 consecutive life sentences.

Then, two years later, Dahmer was killed in jail at the age of 34 by fellow inmate Christopher Scarver.

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