My hair clip split my head open & left me needing staples in my scalp – it didn’t even break, don’t make my mistake | The Sun

My hair clip split my head open & left me needing staples in my scalp – it didn’t even break, don’t make my mistake | The Sun

A WOMAN was left needing staples in her scalp after her hair clip split her head open – and it didn't even break.

Paisley Riley was in a horrific car accident that landed her in hospital, but she was shocked to realise that her cheap plastic hair accessory was the cause of her potentially life-threatening head injuries.

On March 4, Paisley, her boyfriend and her cousin were involved in a car crash where the vehicle rolled off the road and flipped in air.

The woman, from Mississippi, smashed her head on a metal bar which ended up lodging her hair claw into the back of her head – puncturing her scalp.

But she doesn't recall anything about the accident as she passed out from the excruciating pain.

Paisley said: "My boyfriend was there thankfully, and my cousin, and they literally ripped the roof off of the side-by-side to get me out.


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Luckily, she was rushed to the hospital after being freed from the busted car.

She suffered from excess bleeding from the head and an emergency CT scan and X-ray was ordered to rule out any possibility of brain injury.

"I was very lucky I did not have any brain damage and my condition was never too critical," she added.

And although Paisley didn't suffer any brain damage, she did have a "nasty concussion" and is now on medication to relieve the pain from the five staples in the back of her head.

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In a viral TikTok that the crash survivor posted following the accident, Paisley urged her followers not to drive while wearing claw clips.

"Don't recommend driving [in hair clips] tho, I watched a chunk of scalp and hair hit the ground and will forever have a visible bald spot," she wrote.

The video has racked up a whopping52.7million views, with 2.8million likes and 10.4k comments.

Her followers were quick to flood her comment section with well wishes and shared their amazement at the "insane" situation.

One said: "So you're the girl that has everyone removing their claw clips in the car! Hope you're feeling better!!!"

Another wrote: "New fear unlocked".

A third asked: "Am I the only one wondering how this clip didn’t break?”

And a paramedic even commented saying that she's seen many items become embedded into heads.

"No garage door openers or pens on the visor please," she said.

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