Mum forced to live in mouldy council flat with filthy brown liquid oozing down walls 'fears for baby’s health'

Mum forced to live in mouldy council flat with filthy brown liquid oozing down walls 'fears for baby’s health'

A WORRIED mum living in a council flat infested with mould so disgusting brown liquid oozes down the walls is fearful for her baby’s health.

Jaye, 27, has lived with her partner in the grotty flat in Streatham, south London, since December 2020.

She said the home is in desperate need of repair and has a feral mould problem yet claims her multiple requests to the council have been ignored.

Two months ago the couple welcomed a baby girl, and now Jaye feels there's urgency to have the issues fixed.

Due to giving birth by C-section the new mum isn’t currently able to leave the flat, while her partner is at risk of an asthma attack if it is not properly ventilated.

"That makes it a lot worse, knowing I'm in a house that has disrepair and there’s nothing I can do about it," she told MyLondon.

"The risk associated with babies and mould is what I’m very worried about."


Jaye says the home is rife with other problems such as a broken bathroom vent and a foul smelling brown liquid she's forced to clean daily.

"I explained that the excessive amount of cleaning products I have to use to hide the smell is not good for the baby."

She explained as the home is made from bricks, it's very easy for water to penetrate through the wood.

Cleaning doesn't make the issues go away and even opening the windows – as she says the council suggests – doesn't make a difference either.

"It’s just really horrible," she said. "I’m having to factor in everyone’s health concerns… I have other people to think about who are vulnerable."

Lambeth Council said the problem's within Jaye's home have been assessed and scheduled for repair.

"These include a new extractor fan and a mould wash in the bathroom and any other affected areas of the property. We’re sorry for any distress caused by the delay.

“Mould is a particular issue that has affected a number of our properties and we know the distress it can cause for residents when it appears. We’ve now formed a project group to review the way we tackle damp and mould – with a zero-tolerance approach to these problems."

The Sun has contacted Lambeth Council for additional comment.

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