Mum can’t get new clothes for hospitalised daughter, 4, whose old ones were covered in blood as they’re ‘non-essential’

Mum can’t get new clothes for hospitalised daughter, 4, whose old ones were covered in blood as they’re ‘non-essential’

A MUM was today unable to buy “non-essential” clothes for her hospitalised four-year-old daughter whose old ones were covered in blood.

Chelsea Jones was left heartbroken when she couldn’t purchase pyjamas for her daughter Eden in Cardiff after new coronavirus rules banned the sale of clothes because they are deemed to be non-essential.

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Today is the first full day of Wales’ "firebreak" lockdown and stores are currently unable to sell clothes to customers.

Ms Jones, 27, was left “angry, frustrated and upset” when she couldn't buy “essential items” for Eden, who was born with a Lymphatic Malformation.

She said: “Please someone tell me how it’s not essential that I pop to the closest supermarket to the hospital (which is 5 minutes away) to get my daughter new underwear and pyjamas as hers are soaked in blood."

Ms Jones was forced to make a 40 mile round trip home from the hospital in Cardiff to Llwynypia, Rhondda, to get replacements from family members.

She said she was left heartbroken at "driving around crying in a panic trying to find somewhere that I am able to pick up some essentials for my child."


The mum-of-two added: "I have never felt so angry, frustrated or upset ever. You just never know when a ‘non-essential item’ will become ‘essential’ to you.

"I am not one to undermine the seriousness of Covid and always try my best to follow the rules, but these rules need to change.”

Hundreds of people commented on her post with many saying describing the situation as “so wrong” and “disgraceful”.

One said: “Pleased your little girl is recovering but what a disgraceful measure by the Welsh government to decide what is essential and what is not.”

Another added: “So angry on your behalf common sense seems to have disappeared. Get well soon, wishes to your daughter.”

I have never felt so angry, frustrated or upset ever! You just never know when a ‘non-essential item’ will become ‘essential’ to you."

One said: “This is so wrong and should never happen. Hope your little girl is doing ok.”

It comes after a furious Tesco shopper ripped off coverings from "non-essential" items in Wales as he raged about the "disgraceful" lockdown.

Gwilyn Owen was filmed angrily pulling coverings off rails of clothes while in store without a face covering, shouting: "Since when has clothes been exempt?

"Rip the f*****s off. Kids f****** clothes, mate, it's a disgrace. Coming into winter now, it's a f****** disgrace."


The anti-lockdown protester fumed at security guards approaching: "Since when has clothes been non-essential?"

And earlier today a dad attempted to shop at a Welsh supermarket wearing just his boxer shorts and a facemask – after clothes were deemed "non-essential".

Chris Noden, 38, was stopped by security staff as he tried to push his trolley into the Tesco store in Newport, Gwent.

Wife Dawn, 33, filmed him as he tried to access the store saying: "Clothes are non-essential – let him in."

Dawn tells the workers: "Clothes are deemed now non-essential. Your store's policy says clothes are non-essential. Let him in to buy some clothes.

"This is beyond a joke. There are children out there growing that need clothes."

But a security guard said: "He's not appropriately dressed. Go and take it up with the government. You can't come in dressed like that."

When the staff say they won't let him in, Dawn repeats: "So clothes are essential to day-to-day life?" The worker replies: "Of course they are."

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