Mother-to-be in violent bust-up with partner over Valentine's Day gift

Mother-to-be in violent bust-up with partner over Valentine's Day gift

Pregnant woman, 22, ‘attacked her partner after he asked her to be ‘nice to him for a month’ for his Valentine’s Day present’

  • Pregnant woman Paige Dorrell, 22, assaulted partner after Valentine’s Day talk 
  • Fiery argument broke out after the partner asked Dorrell to ‘be nice’ for a month
  • Dorrell threw a bottle of saline solution at the man’s head before punching him
  • An earlier assault included her ‘swiping’ at victim with broken dinner plate shard 
  • She was sentenced to eight months in jail suspended for a year at Teesside court

A mother-to-be assaulted her partner after a fiery argument broke out after he asked her to ‘be nice to him for a month’ as a Valentine’s Day gift. 

Paige Dorrell, 22, of Middlesbrough, and her boyfriend had been talking about romantic presents but the victim’s flippant response was: ‘You have to be nice to me for a month’.

A Teesside court heard how this remark ‘did not go down well’ and a heated discussion broke out between the pair. 

Dorrell threw a can of fizzy pop at the man before hitting him in the face with the contents of a bottle of contact lens cleaner.  

Their ‘tempestuous’ 18-month fling had already turned violent earlier this year, after Dorrell smashed a dinner plate by throwing it at her partner’s head, swiping at him with a broken shard and punching him in the head multiple times. 

Paige Dorrell, 22 of Middlesbrough was handed a suspended sentence at Teesside Crown Court (above) for her part in assaulting her partner after a Valentine’s Day argument

Two weeks earlier, in January of this year, Dorrell had subjected the man to another attack as their ‘tempestuous’ 18-month relationship erupted into violence.

Dorrell smashed a plate and threatened her victim with a broken piece of dinner plate before punching him in the face several times.

Prosecuting at Teesside Crown Court, Jenny Haigh said the defendant was 11-weeks pregnant at the time of the incidents and their relationship had been difficult at times.

She said on the first occasion the pair argued while they were at the victim’s home in Stockton and it became ‘more and more heated’ and she threw a broken dinner plate at him causing a cut to his head.

‘The plate fell to the floor and broke,’ she added. ‘She picked up a broken piece and he went into the bathroom to let her calm down.

‘He was trying to get dressed when she approached him and punched him five times to the head; he then went to walk downstairs and at this point, with the piece of broken plate in her hand, she started to swipe at him.’

The defendant then threw the broken plate at him.

She added: ‘He told her she had cut his head and she replied, “I don’t care. I hope you die”.’

Dorrell, of Marton Road, Marton, Middlesbrough, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm and common assault. 

Paul Green, in mitigation, said there was a history of domestic abuse in the relationship perpetrated by the victim, which had not been reported to the police and there had been no further incidents since January.

He added: ‘As she stands back and reflects, she now understands that the main priority now is the baby when it is born and she needs to put things in place and lives independently.’

Judge Recorder Andrew Sutcliffe QC sentenced the defendant to eight months in custody, suspended for 12 months.

He said: ‘I bear in mind what is stated in the pre-sentence report about the difficulties in your relationship with your partner and the fact that you yourself, although you haven’t complained to the police, have been subjected to what appears to be serious violence and although it doesn’t excuse your conduct, I have to bear in mind this was not an easy relationship for you.’

Dorrell was also ordered to carry out 20 rehabilitation activity requirements days and an eight-month community order.

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