More ‘Fair Fare’ follies from Team de Blasio

More ‘Fair Fare’ follies from Team de Blasio

Does City Hall have any idea how to implement the Fair Fares program?

Mayor Bill de Blasio was long dubious about City Council Speaker Corey Johnson’s push for half-price subway and bus fares for the city’s poorest, and now the administration has missed the promised Jan. 1 launch date.

Nor is City Hall saying when it will come through. “This program hasn’t started yet — and the eligibility standards haven’t been released,” de Blasio spokesman Eric Phillips tweeted on Wednesday. “When we release those details, which will be very soon, places like 311 will have the information. But we aren’t there yet. Stay tuned!”

Back in June, Blas and CoJo officially agreed to the reduced fares for the very-low income, and the budget allocated $106 million for the program’s first six months.

But how to make it work? It seems MTA clerks won’t hand out the half-off MetroCards: The agency says it hasn’t even heard from City Hall about how the program’s to run. Will there be any protections against fraud?

Meanwhile, the mayor Wednesday refused to comment, telling the Daily News’ Jillian Jorgensen, “I’m very purposefully not going to give you all the details today.”

If Team de Blasio is stumped, it should’ve said so long ago: The stall can’t last forever.

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