Moment motorcyclist smashes into car in Co Durham

Moment motorcyclist smashes into car in Co Durham

Moment motorcyclist smashes into car as dirt bike gang ‘run a red light’ at busy junction

  • Durham Police have are searching for a group of rogue off-road bikers 
  • The incident happened on September 6 in Neville’s Cross, County Durham 
  • One of the scramblers was filmed shooting across a junction and hitting a car
  • Anyone with information is asked to contact Durham Constabulary on 101 

Shocking footage shows the moment an off-road bike collides with a car after allegedly running a red light. 

Video of the incident, which took place in Neville’s Cross, Co. Durham, was shared by police in a bid to identify the biker who fled the scene following the crash. 

It is believed the biker was travelling within a group of seven off-road bikes on September 6, before he shot across a junction and hit the Volkswagen Golf. 

This is the moment a dirt bike rider is about to slam into the side of a VW Golf in Durham

The bike – which shot across the junction – hit the side of the car throwing the rider in the air

The terrifying footage was captured on the dashcam of a car sitting at the traffic lights 

As the clip begins, the dashcam car is seen behind the white VW as the traffic pulls off from a set of lights. 

One biker speeds across the road, narrowly missing the white car and forcing the vehicle to brake suddenly. The second biker follows shortly after and shows no signs of slowing down as he hurtles towards the car. 

He slams into the side of the stationary vehicle and is thrown across the VW’s bonnet. His bike collapses against the side of the car while another biker drives past. 

The man then gets up from the floor and hauls his bike off as the driver of the car exits her vehicle. 

The rest of the bikers then speed across the junction without stopping to help. 

The biker flees the scene leaving the driver standing outside of her car in the middle of the crossroads. The dramatic clip was released by Durham Constabulary who are searching for the rogue bikers. 

The rider makes his escape as the driver gets out of her car to inspect the damage

They shared the video of the incident which took place on Sunday September 6, at 12.45pm. 

A spokesperson said: ‘ ‘A group of 7 bikes are believed to have ridden through a red light, resulting in one of the riders colliding with a white Volkswagen Golf. 

‘Dashcam footage of the incident shows the crashed rider – on a blue and white bike – flee the scene.’ 

Anyone with information on the bikers is asked to contact Durham Constabulary on 101 citing the incident number 167 of September 6.’

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