Moment men broke the fall of a five-year-old girl from 5th floor flat

Moment men broke the fall of a five-year-old girl from 5th floor flat

Heart-stopping moment two men broke the fall of five-year-old girl who fell five stories but miraculously escaped with just bruises

  • Aysha, five, had climbed onto windowsill as her mother left her alone at home
  • Two male passersby noticed the young girl hanging and positioned themselves 
  • As the youngster fell, the two men managed to catch her and save her life 

A five-year-old girl was saved from by two men who broke her fall after she fell from the fifth floor window of an apartment.

Aysha, five, climbed onto a windowsill while her mother had left her alone after deciding to go to the shop. 

Two quick-thinking passersby noticed her hanging and managed to position themselves under the apartment in Makhachkala, Russia. 

Two male passersby on their lunch break noticed the young child hanging and positioned themselves under the window (left) and caught her (right)

They shout to the little girl before she falls and they break her fall as she falls to the ground.

They do not manage to catch her cleanly and she hits the grounf with some force after falling through their outstretched arms. 

The young girl suffered no fractures but did have some bruises. 

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A woman wearing a hijab also saw the girl hanging from the ledge but went into a doorway before the fall, perhaps to call the emergency services.

The girl’s unnamed mother rushed to the scene and took the child seconds after the men saved her.

She is believed to be seen running towards the scene at the end of the CCTV footage.

A video shows the two men shouted up to the little girl before she fell. They held their arms out but failed to catch her cleanly (pictured)

One of the hero men was named as minibus driver Tagir Magomedov.

The other was named only as Aydemir.

One of the saviours scooped up and hugged the girl after her traumatising fall.

One of the men twisted his wrist and tore a tendon in trying to catch the falling girl.

The child weighed 17 kilograms according to reports.

The men were on their way back to work after lunch when they saved the girl.

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