Mom-of-16 reveals how she packs for vacation with the whole family – and essentials to get before heading on the trip

Mom-of-16 reveals how she packs for vacation with the whole family – and essentials to get before heading on the trip

A MOM-of-16 revealed how she packs for vacation with the whole family – and essentials she picks up before heading on the trip.

The busy mom shared her tips as the family was set to hop on a plane and head to Florida for vacation – where they'll go to Walt Disney World and more.

YouTuber Tiffany Nelson – who runs the channel Not Enough Nelson – documented her packing process for the whole family.

As she was heading to the store with one of her daughters – 12-year-old NayVee – the mom revealed she's only checking four suitcases for the whole family.

This means everyone would have to stash their clothes and essentials under the seats in luggage.

She said she planned to pick up collapsible water bottles and individual hand sanitizers, along with other essentials for the trip.

At the store, the mom grabbed headphones, Dramamine, coloring books and colored penicls, snacks, gum, and more.

"I first do three things before I start packing," the mom revealed once she was home.

She said she makes sure all the laundry is done, she makes a list of who will be sharing rooms on vacation, and she packs suitcases for each room – instead of individually for all 18 people.

In her laundry room, the mom revealed a simple tip to help with vacation planning – using laundry strips instead of pods or liquid detergent.

As she started to get ready to pack, the mom realized she didn't have enough large suitcases to check – so she had to run out to get more.

At 9pm the night before they left, she said she was just beginning to pack.

She showed how she got different hand sanitizers for each suitcase so the kids would know whose is whose.

The mom then went around to each of the kids, and went over the clothes and other essentials they were packing in the travel bags for the trip.

Tiffany then revealed how she folded and helped her kids pack all their items.

"Let's get busy," she said as she helped her son, Beckham, 5, pack.

As he took the camera, one of her sons revealed how he used a vacuum storage bag to stash his clothes.

The morning the family was to leave for the trip, mom Tiffany said: "I look like this because I decided to stay up late and talk to one of my teenagers," she said, as she revealed she stayed up until 2am.

She said she doesn't regret staying up late – but with her youngest son waking up at 5:30, she got just a few hours of sleep.

"I don't know how I'm going to do this but I'm gonna do it somehow," she said.

After her son, Ledger, 16 months, took a fall, Tiffany revealed she was having trouble as he would fuss if she wasn't holding him.

"At that moment, I just stopped," Tiffany said.

She said she took a moment to herself, however, said a prayer, and got herself ready to go.

"Now that I'm cleaned and refreshed, and have breathed and I prayed, I feel a lot better," she said.

The busy mom then revealed that her husband got off work early to finish last-minute errands, and some of her kids and a friend helped with the last-minute packing.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but this is real life," the mom said as she revealed the packing was last-minute and a bit frantic.

"Sometimes things don't go perfect, but it's done," she said.

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