Model who accuses Neymar of rape testifies to police a second time

Model who accuses Neymar of rape testifies to police a second time

Brazilian model who accuses football star Neymar of raping her testifies to police a second time alongside her FOURTH lawyer after three others dropped the case

  • Najila Trindade, 26, continued deposition with police in Sao Paulo Wednesday
  • Model was accompanied by fourth lawyer after three others dropped the case 
  • Newest attorney says pair ‘want to find the truth’ and that she ‘can’t stop crying’ 
  • Trindade accuses Neymar of raping her in a hotel in Paris on May 15, an allegation that the footballer vociferously denies 

A Brazilian model who has accused football star Neymar of raping her at a Paris hotel has testified to police in Sao Paulo for a second time.

Najila Trindade arrived at a police station to continue her deposition with a new lawyer, the fourth to represent her since she filed charges against the Paris St-Germain player on May 31.

Her newest lawyer, Cosme Araujo, said they ‘want to find the truth’.

Najila Trindade, 26, arrived at a police station in Sao Paulo on Wednesday to continue her deposition over her claim she was raped by football star Neymar alongside her newest lawyer

Speaking of his client’s emotional state, he said Ms Trindade ‘doesn’t stop crying’. 

Lawyer Jose Edgard Bueno, the first to represent Ms Trindade, withdrew from the case after the accuser filed a rape complaint with Sao Paulo police without consulting him first. 

Bueno said he had wanted to seek a settlement with the player. 

Attorney Yasmin Abdalla then took over, but left the case to her partner Danileo Garcia de Andrade before Trindade testified to police on June 7. 

De Andrade then dismissed himself from the case after Trindade accused him of stealing an iPad from her apartment.

She claims the device contained a six-minute video that incriminates Neymar.

Andrade denies the claims, police said they could find no sign of a break in at her apartment and a doorman at the block of flats has contacted officers saying he felt threatened by her after a conversation. 

Trindade has also accused police investigating the case of being ‘bought’, which investigators have strongly denied.

Brazil’s Association of Police Inspectors issued a statement saying: ‘Above all our commitment is to fighting crime and we cannot tolerate this type of baseless accusation which can damage the image of our officers.’ 

The Brazilian model says she agreed to meet Neymar at a hotel room in Paris on May 15 for a consensual encounter, but things quickly turned violent.

Neymar has also been questioned by police over the claims, which he denies and has previously described as a set-up

She says he began hitting her, leaving her with bruises and scratches on her legs and buttocks, and continued having sex with her even after she told him to stop.

Mobile phone footage that Trindade recorded the following day shows the pair arguing and exchanging blows. 

In her police statement, obtained by MailOnline, the model revealed an assistant to the soccer star Rodrigo Galo acted as a go-between to lure the model to Paris for a liaison with the Brazilian sporting hero.

She admitted to wanting to have sex with him when she agreed to meet him in France but said he became aggressive and raped her.

Ms Trindade also claims the Paris St Germain striker was ‘seemingly intoxicated’ when he went to her hotel on the first of two nights.

The police statement, written in Portuguese, states: ‘The victim testified at this unit of the Women’s Protection Police Station that she met Neymar through the Instagram social network and that they started exchanging messages.

‘Neymar’s assistant “Gallo” then got in touch with her on May 12 and booked a flight and a hotel for her in Paris.

‘She left for Paris on May 14, arrived on May 15 and stayed at the Hotel Sofitel Paris Arc de Triomphe.

‘The victim states that at around 8pm of the same day Neymar went to her hotel, seemingly intoxicated.

‘They began chatting and cuddling, but at a certain point he became aggressive, and through violence had sex with the victim without her consent.

‘The victim states that she left Paris for Brazil on May 17. She affirms that she was fearful of filing a complaint in a foreign country preferring to do so at this precinct instead.’

Neymar has released a video denying the allegations and revealed messages between the two.

All interviews are being monitored by three top government lawyers who revealed there might be reason to downgrade the case against Neymar.

They have heard that Ms Trindade flew to Paris to have sex with the footballer, but will help decide whether some of the behaviour by Neymar during their two meetings in Paris may have resulted in domestic violence against her rather than rape. 

Brazilian international Neymar – the world’s most expensive footballer – denies the accusation and has described it as a set-up. 

He testified to police last week.

Neymar has also been quizzed by police in Rio de Janeiro over accusations he posted pictures and messages from his alleged victim on social media, without her permission. 

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