Miracle escape for passengers in car smashed by train

Miracle escape for passengers in car smashed by train

Three British businessmen attending the World Economic Forum suffered a terrifying ordeal when their car was smashed into by a train on a level crossing.

Amateur footage of the incident shows the train approaching the stationary car, and you can hear a desperate whistle coming from the locomotive before it plows into the Volkswagen at speed.

The car got caught between the two barriers due to a traffic build up around the tiny Swiss town of Davos.

As the driver tried to get the car off the level crossing, the tires started spinning on the ice meaning they couldn’t move.

The terrified passengers then had to brace for the impact of the train.

The ruined car was pushed to the side of the tracks by the train, showing damage caused by the impact.

The incident occurred on January 22 as three business people from the UK attended the world famous conference.

Luckily all escaped without any injuries.

One of the other employees of the company said that the passengers of the car "couldn’t believe what had happened" as they were all in such shock from the near death experience.

Despite surviving the huge crash, one of the passengers couldn’t escape the car because he was child locked in the back seat.

Once the two passengers in the front had escaped they realised that they had to go back to rescue and remove the third passenger.

The three people in the car were all employees from the same company of the man who took the video.

They, and many others from the company were attending the annual World Economic Forum.

A world renowned economic conference that this year has been attended by world leaders from Angela Merkel to Prince William.

A spokesman for the local police said that "No one was injured".

He did however stress the dangers of cars being stuck at level crossings, giving the advice that "if you are in such a situation, leave the car as soon as possible and call emergency the number."

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