Meghan Markle's ex-schoolmate shares throwback picture of 'always talented' princess

Meghan Markle's ex-schoolmate shares throwback picture of 'always talented' princess

Actress Katharine McPhee revealed she had performed in school musicals with Meghan Markle as a teen – with the now royal recognising her when they met last week.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the 34-year-old American actress said: "I went to school with Meghan Markle, I was in middle school, she was in high school.

"My sister was in her class, they were the same age.

"She was always lovely, always talented and always put together."

Katharine, who is London starring in the West end production Waitress, laughed as the flashback photograph was again shown onscreen, showing the two students smiling in outfits for their school musical.

The photograph shows the pair in full make-up and sporting bright red lips for the stage show.

Sharing a caption of the pic, Katharine last week wrote: "Meghan and I did musicals together as kids.

"She grew up to be the Duchess of Sussex and I grew up to star on the West End, so same life if you ask me."

She was always lovely, always talented and always put together

They both appear to be fresh off the stage and still in costume, although Katharine didn’t reveal which production they starred in.

Both Meghan and Katharine grew up in Los Angeles, with pregnant Meghan three years older, but it wasn’t widely known that they were friends.

And Katharine revealed she had been flattered that the Duchess of Sussex had remembered her, as well as her sister who had been in the same grade as her, when she met her again at the WE Day UK event at Wembley Arena in London last week.

She revealed: "I just saw her last week and I don't have a picture even though there is one out there but you know, the royals have to approve of everything.

"I did get to reunite with her, and it was so sweet. She remembered me but she remembered my sister as well because they were in actual class together."

Katharine, who is currently in London for the Broadway show waitress, even extended an invite to the performance to her old school pal.

She said: "We did invite her – we're going to try to get her to come to the show."

Meghan went on to become a successful actress, getting her big break in the legal drama Suits in 2011.

Katharine, also an actress as well as a singer, was a runner-up in the fifth season of American Idol, and released a debut album in 2007.

She went on to release four more albums, and also had roles in Ugly Betty, Community, CSI:NY, Family Guy and The House Bunny.

Katharine is currently starring in the West End production of Waitress, which opens at the Adelphi Theatre on February 8.

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