Man says being attacked by pit bulls is ‘like getting eaten alive’

Man says being attacked by pit bulls is ‘like getting eaten alive’

“It’s literally like getting eaten alive.”

That’s the description that North Carolina resident Dontre Davis gave after being asked by a reporter what it was like to be attacked by a pit bull — just weeks after he was nearly killed by two pits that he lived with.

“I was prying their mouths off my face,” Davis said, speaking to WSOC-TV. “I didn’t even know my ears were gone until I woke up later that day in the hospital.”

Davis had helped his roommate raise the dogs — dubbed Snow and Smoke — after he got them as puppies. The young man apparently set them off when he tried to approach and help one of their offspring, which had gotten its tooth stuck in a cage.

“[The puppy] yelled in pain,” Davis said, noting how this prompted the protective pooches to attack.

“They just jumped for my face — that’s the first thing [the dogs] went for,” Davis said. “I’d throw one off, [the other] would attack me … At one point, I was just trying to pin both them down, but they were just so slippery.”

Davis recalled how Snow, the female, stopped biting him for a few seconds before setting upon him once again.

“She was panting,” he said. “I pet her, and was like ‘OK, Snow, calm down … it’s OK, girl, it’s, OK. And she was actually cool. But the daddy dog was still [attacking]. So, I guess he got her back started … After awhile, I couldn’t fight no more.”

Davis told WSOC that it felt like “a good 20 to 25 minutes” before the attack finally ended.

“All I could feel was pain,” Davis said. “I lost so much blood … I just started yelling, ‘I’m going to die. Someone help me!’”

The Union County man was eventually rescued by cops and hospitalized. He spent nearly a week receiving medical care and now needs plastic surgery to help fix the damage that the dogs caused. But Davis doesn’t blame them for a second.

He told WSOC that he believes Snow and Smoke were simply confused and thought he had hurt their puppy. Local deputies were ultimately forced to shoot them both after they refused to stop attacking.

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