Man claims to be missing boy whose disappearance has baffled cops for 25 years

Man claims to be missing boy whose disappearance has baffled cops for 25 years

A MAN has come forward claiming he may have been a toddler who vanished without a trace 25 years ago.

Four-year-old D'Wan Sims was last seen when he was Christmas shopping with his mum in December 1994.

Dwanna Harris said D'Wan suddenly disappeared from the Wonderland Mall in Livonia, Detroit, and was never heard from again.

Now a 29-year-old man, named as Mike Cash, has got in touch with authorities asking for a DNA test to determine if he is D'Wan.

Cash reportedly became suspicious after finding inconsistencies with what his parents told him, and learning that his dad was not his real father.

He posted his thoughts on Facebook , and is now hoping to get answers about his childhood.

Captain Ronald Taig from the Livonia Police Department told WDIV: "What's odd is that he claimed that he didn’t want any of this information out in the media and from what I understand he has put this out on social media.

“We are going to reach out, obviously, to the family and provide his information, to see if they want to contact him."

Soon after his disappearance, D'Wan's mum said: "The only thing that I want the public to know, is that my only concern is finding my son.

"Whoever has my baby, I know he's safe, and I know you're taking good care of him … What I'm hoping is that someone may have ran across my child.

"We've got your Christmas ready, so, just come home."

She has always maintained she had nothing to do with his disappearance.

It is not yet clear if Harris will cooperate with the latest development by providing police with a DNA sample, the Detroit Free Press reports.

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