Man caught on video hurling eggs, racial slurs at Asian bus passengers

Man caught on video hurling eggs, racial slurs at Asian bus passengers

Moment man hurls EGGS at Asian women on bus while shouting racial slurs in San Francisco – as police hunt suspect who may be behind other attacks

  • Video captured the moment a man went on a racist tirade in San Francisco
  • In clips posted to social media, an unidentified man is seen hurling eggs and epithets at passengers on a bus, specifically two Asian women 
  • San Francisco police are now searching for the man in this incident who may be responsible for a December attack on another Asian woman

Police in San Francisco are searching for a man who was caught on video throwing raw eggs at Asian passengers on a bus and using racial slurs. 

Michelle Young was visiting the Northern California city last weekend when she and others on a bus encountered a hysterical man who began yelling at them. 

The man allegedly called Young and another Asian girl next to her ‘stupid Asian b***h’ before others stepped in and told him to exit the bus. 

After the man got off, he continued to yell from outside the bus and tossed eggs at the windows, which were open.  

The incident is now under investigation as another woman has come forward saying she was also attacked by the same man on a bus in December.

This is the man who hurled eggs at passengers on and off a San Francisco bus last week

The unidentified man reportedly called passenger Michelle Young and another Asian woman a ‘stupid Chinese b***h’ according to the woman’s tweets

Young first shared video of the incident to Twitter on February 16. 

‘San Francisco just now. Guy w/lots of eggs came on and starting yelling to me and the Asian girl next to me “stupid Chinese b***h”. A man on the bus stepped in & the guy started throwing eggs at him. Guy got off bus threw eggs through window. We all have egg in our hair!!’ Young wrote in her tweet. 

‘Stop, you don’t need to do that,’ the fellow passenger is heard responding to the man’s antics. 

‘F**k you,’ the assailant responds. ‘You want me to throw an egg at you?’ 

The video has been watched 90,000 times on the social media app and shows a man with two cartons of eggs berating passengers as he holds the poultry items.

‘It’s always disconcerting to be the subject of any kind of racial attack and one that includes some kind of threat of violence,’ Young told KRON. 

In a follow-up tweet, the woman shared additional video of the incident, showing the man continuing to carry out his racist attack from outside the bus. 

‘He started launching eggs through the window, at the window and then this last one he ran along the side of it… stopped when he saw me and threw it right directly at me at the window,’ Young told the Bay Area outlet. 

The man appears to walk away and talk to himself before circling back and opening up the cartons to toss more eggs at passengers. 

‘Uh oh, close the window,’ one person is heard saying as he runs toward the bus with an egg in his hand. 

As serious as the situation was, Young tweeted that one bus passenger jokingly said ‘At the price of eggs!’ after the man had walked away.

At one point, the man throws an egg at a passenger who had stepped in to stop his attacks

Young posted a photo of one of the eggs that was thrown on the bus to her Twitter page

This is Michelle Young, who was attacked with eggs on a San Francisco bus last week

A broken eggshell sits on one of the seats of the San Francisco city bus in a photo posted

At one point the man appeared to walk away from the bus and the passengers 

He circled back, however, to continue his attack as Young continued recording

The man continued to harass the passengers even after he had exited the bus

The man hit the bus windows repeatedly. This is one photo showing the egg splattered 

Young said she spoke with the ‘nice guy’ who stepped in and he had told her ‘better me than you. 

‘There are wonderful people about in this world too,’ Young tweeted. 

The woman who was visiting San Francisco for less than 48 hours concluded her Twitter thread by stating she had spoken with San Francisco Police and they were investigating the incident. 

In addition to law enforcement stepping in, the San Francisco Metropolitan Transit Authority apologized to Young and said they are looking into the event. 

‘This is unacceptable on our vehicles. We are sorry this happened to you. Please file a report with us to prevent incidents like this from happening. We’ll have staff look into it and investigate,’ SFMTA said in a tweet. 

After Young had shared her video, another Asian woman came forward alleging she was attacked by the same man on a bus in December. 

Wendy Zhang also took video and shared it with KRON. 

‘He started yelling racist slurs against Asian people, especially Chinese,’ Zhang said.

The man has been linked to another incident involving a racist attack on a San Francisco bus

This is Wendy Zhang, who says the man responsible for the February attack also berated her and threw food at her on a San Francisco bus in December

Zhang shared video of her attack with local news outlets in the Bay Area, showing a man throwing cheese at her

In a statement, SFMTA officials said they are ‘doing everything’ they can to stop attacks. 

‘We are committed to doing everything we can to stop the racist attacks on the AAPI community that have been on the increase over the past few years. Any harassment or abuse against our passengers and staff is utterly unacceptable,’ SFMTA said. 

Both Young and Zhang said they have faced anti-Asian rhetoric in the past and are just hoping it doesn’t ‘get worse’ in the future. reached out to officials with the San Francisco Police Department for an update but did not receive a response by the time of publication.

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