Man accused of killing Boston doctors said he had affair with one

Man accused of killing Boston doctors said he had affair with one

Man accused of killing two doctors in Boston penthouse told police he was having an affair with one and stabbed the other in self-defense

  • Doctors Lina Bolanos, 38, and Richard Field, 49, were found dead in May 2017 
  • Bampumim Teixeira, 33, is fighting a first-degree murder charge over the deaths
  • The jury heard a hospital bedside recording Teixeira made for police the day after the murders in court Thursday
  • Teixeira told police that he had been having an affair with Bolanos
  • He claimed that Field came home that day and found the two of them together
  • Teixeira said that Field killed Bolanos in a jealous rage and then attacked him 
  • He also claimed that Field turned on him and, in self defense, he killed Field 
  • Teixeira briefly worked as a doorman in the couple’s luxury apartment complex

The man accused of the double murder of two Boston doctors in their penthouse told police that he was having an affair with one of the doctors and then killed the other in self-defense, according to testimony heard in court Thursday. 

During 33-year-old Bampumim Teixeira’s trial, the jury heard a recording of the hospital bedside statement he made the day after anesthesiologists Lina Bolanos, 39, and Richard Field, 48, were killed in May 2017. 

In the record, Teixeira – who briefly worked at the couple’s luxury apartment building in Boston – claimed to have had an affair with Bolanos, according to CNN.  

He then claimed that on the day that the couple died, he had been with Bolanos in the apartment when Field came home and found the two of them together. 

Bampumim Teixeira, 33 (on November 21), is accused of first-degree murder in the stabbing deaths of Boston doctors Lina Bolanos, 39, and Richard Field, 48, in May 2017

Teixeira is accused of the first-degree murders of doctors Lina Bolanos, 38 (left), and Richard Field (right), 49, who were fatally stabbed in their Boston penthouse

Courtroom attendees (pictured Thursday) heard Teixeira’s hospital bedside statement recording, which was made for police the day after the doctors were killed 

Teixeira was then heard telling detectives that Field ‘felt betrayed’ and flew into a rage, stabbing Bolanos to death. Teixeira, who said he feared for his life, then said that Field attacked him. 

During a struggle, Teixeira told police that he killed Field because ‘it was either me or him.’ He also said that he had handcuffed Field with the doctor’s handcuffs.  

‘It was hell,’ Teixeira said during the interview, calling it ‘the worst experience of my life.’  

When asked why he didn’t do anything to try to protect Bolanos during the incident, Teixeira told police that Field had said that he was going to kill her and then told him ‘watch, then I’m going to kill you.’

Teixeira told police that he wasn’t sorry about having allegedly killed Field and that ‘A jealous man is the worst thing ever… What I saw with my eyes was crazy.’

Teixerira (in bed) is shown on May 8, 2017, during his arraignment following the murders

During the recording played in court Thursday, Teixeira (in May 2017) told police he had been with Bolanos in the apartment when Field came home and found the two of them together

Teixeira (in bed in May 2017) then told police that Field killed Bolanos out of jealousy. He said that Field then attacked him and during the struggle, he killed Field

When both doctors were dead, Teixeira told police in the recording that he took Field’s backpack and filled it with the jewelry that was in their bedroom, saying ‘Ok, I’m about to make some money.’

Teixeira also said that he hadn’t told anybody about his affair with Bolanos and that she had been impressed by the fact that he spoke Portuguese and Spanish. 

He said that he did not have sex with her on the day of her death, but that they had done so in the past. He also said that Bolanos had told him that Field was abusive. 

No evidence is said to have been presented so far that backs Teixeira’s account of the incident. 

During the medical examiner’s testimony, he said that Bolanos had sustained 24 incised and sharp-force stab wounds. Some of the stabs fatally severed her internal jugular vein. 

The autopsy also showed that Bolanos had multiple blunt force injuries, including significant injuries to her face and head. 

Field, meanwhile, received a single fatal stab wound to the neck that severed his carotid artery.

Both doctors were said to have had injuries consistent with being bound or cuffed.

The medical examiner said that he was unable to determine whether Bolanos or Field died first died first or what their times of death were. It was also unclear what kind of a knife was used during the stabbings.  

Teixeira has pleaded not guilty to the first-degree murder charges against him. 

‘No video, no audio, no scientific evidence, no credible evidence will tell you that Bampumim Teixeira broke into the home of Lina Bolanos and Richard Field and murdered them,’ his defense attorney Steven Sack said in court. ‘And that’s because he didn’t.’ 

Earlier in his trial, crime scene photos were released showing the words ‘he killed my wife’ scrawled on the wall of the murder scene, along with marks crossing out Field’s face in several family photos. ‘Payback’ was also found scribbled on the walls.

As he was taken into custody at the scene, the suspect Teixeira muttered ‘they killed my wife’ and told Boston cops ‘you guys are going to die,’ as well as mentioning a ‘sniper,’ Boston police detective Sean Wallace testified at trial last week. 

An evidence photo shows the message ‘HE KILLED MY WIFE’ scrawled on the wall of the penthouse where victims Lina Bolanos and Richard Field were found stabbed to death

The evidence photos also show marks crossing out faces on the couple’s family photos

It is unclear whether Teixeira, a native of West Africa and U.S. green card holder, had ever been married either in America or abroad.

Both Bolanos and Field were respected anesthesiologists, and Teixeira’s only known connection to them was that he had formerly been briefly employed as a doorman in their luxury apartment building.

Prosecutors have said that the exact motive of the brutal slayings may remain forever mysterious, but have pointed out that a bag filled with jewelry was found at the scene, suggesting robbery as a motive.

Teixeira had previously been repeatedly convicted of bank robberies, but avoided deportation through plea deals with Massachusetts prosecutors. 

Assistant District Attorney John Pappas said: ‘Although the why to this story may never be fully explained to your satisfaction, the who will absolutely never be in doubt.’  

The shocking double murder unfolded over the course of several hours on May 5, 2017.

Prosecutors say that a person wearing a bright yellow shirt and carrying a string-style backpack — like the items found with Teixeira at the murder scene — snuck into the apartment building through the garage shortly before 4pm. 

Bolanos entered the building at about 5pm. Field arrived home from work at about 6.30pm — but remained alive through two hours of sick torture, as shown by his desperate attempts to dial 911 and text friends for help. 

The South Boston luxury apartment building where two Boston doctors were bound and killed in their penthouse apartment is seen days after the murders

Bolanos also called 911 in her own desperate plea for help, and last week jurors heard audio of the operator hanging up on her muffled replies. 

Bolanos’ godmother, Amanda Gibbs, told the court that the voice on the emergency call made that night was that of her goddaughter, CBS reported. A tearful Gibbs said: ‘That was Lina’s voice.’

The 911 call to police was cut short when the operator hung up, unable to understand her muffled replies, jurors were told. 

The couple’s loved ones were seen crying and comforting one another in court as the operator repeatedly asks if the caller had an emergency. With no direct reply the call handler says: ‘I’m releasing this call.’

Field also made five 911 calls from his cellphone between 7.06pm and 7.45pm, but four of them didn’t go through because the caller either hung up or the line was disconnected. When one of the calls did go through, the line was silent. 

After his own attempts to call 911 failed, Field had also sent panicked texts to a friend, begging for help, the court heard.  

Matthias Heidenreich, a scientist who works for Boston-based Vertex Pharmaceuticals, testified in Suffolk County Superior Court on Friday that his friend sent desperate messages in the moments before he died.  

Matthias Heidenreich, a scientist who works for Boston-based Vertex Pharmaceuticals, testified that the victim Field sent him desperate text messages calling for help

Lobby surveillance video shows that Field arrived home at around 6.30pm. Over the next two hours, he attempted multiple 911 calls that disconnected and texted a friend for help

Matthias Heidenreich, a friend of Field, testified that he received text messages from him on the night he was murdered. ‘Call 111, Gun man, In house, Pls, Nw, Eriou, Erious, Serious,’ the text messages read

‘Call 111,’ the first text message read. Heidenreich later understood that Field meant to text ‘911.’ The next text read: ‘Gun man. In house. Pls. Nw.’

In the next few lines, Field twice tried to spell out the word ‘Serious’.

‘I was confused for the first minutes,’ Heidenreich testified on Friday. He said he then showed the messages to his girlfriend.

Heidenreich then texted Field back: ‘911?’

‘I wanted to see whether it was a mistake,’ said Heidenreich. When he didn’t hear back from his friend, he grew worried.

His girlfriend called the concierge desk at the Macallen Building where Field and Belanos lived. They then dialed 911.

According to Heidenreich, he and his girlfriend hailed an Uber and drove to their friend’s building, where they saw police cars outside. Minutes after arriving, they heard gunshots.

Later that night, police told him that Field and Bolanos had been killed. 

Family and friends of the victims listen to the proceeding as Bampumim Teixeira is arraigned in Suffolk Superior Court in Boston on July 10, 2017

West Africa native Teixeira briefly worked as a doorman in the couple’s luxury South Boston apartment complex, and prosecutors say he used his intimate knowledge of the building and tenants to meticulously plan the brutal murders

Teixeira briefly worked as a doorman in the couple’s luxury South Boston apartment complex, and prosecutors say he used his intimate knowledge of the building and tenants to meticulously plan the brutal murders. 

Prosecutors say that while the couple was working, Teixeira, who was wearing gloves, a hooded jacket, and carrying a backpack and bright yellow shirt, snuck into the building via the garage just before 4pm.

‘(He was) looking, waiting, lurking, out front, out back, for just the right opportunity to present itself,’ Assistant District Attorney John Pappas said during opening statements.

Teixeira allegedly climbed up an unlocked stairway to the 11th floor penthouse carrying what prosecutors call ‘implements of destruction,’ including knives, handcuffs, duct tape, and pliers.

Bolanos arrived home just before 5pm. Authorities said that her keys as well as two packages she was carrying were later found strewn in the hallway.

Jurors watched security camera footage that showed Field entering the lobby elevator at 6.38pm.

‘(Field was found) dead in a pool of his own blood. His hands bound behind his back with handcuffs,’ Pappas said at the trial, according to WCVB. 

Officers respond to the scene the night that the bodies of Field and Bolanos were found

Both Linda Bolanos and Richard Field filled their Facebook pages with photos of them traveling the world and the US. In this photo, they were in New Orleans for Mardis Gras

‘Lina Bolanos was also in a pool of her blood after having been stabbed repeatedly in the neck.’ 

When police arrived, they say they encountered Teixeira dressed in dark clothing and wearing gloves. 

Officers believed that Teixeira pointed a weapon at them.

Two officers shot and wounded him, according to authorities. He was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Outside the apartment, police found a backpack with replica firearms and jewelry, according to authorities.

They also found a bright yellow shirt and a carving knife.  

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