Major ISIS terror attack in West 'expected' after Turkish invasion of Syria, Kurdish general warns

Major ISIS terror attack in West 'expected' after Turkish invasion of Syria, Kurdish general warns

A LARGE-scale ISIS attack on a Western city should now be "expected" – warned a military leader who has spent years fighting the die-hard terror group.

General Mazloum Kobane, commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF),  said Turkey's incursion into Syria created the perfect environment for jihadis to regroup.

He told Sky News: "The danger of the resurgence of ISIS is very big. And it's a serious danger.

"I think there are many people who don't know this but it's true. The Turkish aggression opened the space and provided hope for ISIS members."

And when asked if the West should now fear another "spectacular" terror attack like the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017 he warned "this is possible."

He then added chillingly:  "It's one of the expected things that may happen in the future."

The general also warned that the thousands of ISIS fighters currently being held in Kurdish-run prisons still pose a great threat – as his troops can't guard them all.

"We don't know the fate of these prisoners in Syria and the balance here changes, so we don't know what the future is for these prisoners," he said.

"Yes, they pose a threat on other countries and they are extremely dangerous."

While there have been fewer successful attacks since 2015 and 2016, when ISIS sympathisers butchered hundreds of people in France, Belgium and Germany, the threat to Europe “remains high”.

The attack warning came after a four-star US general warns ISIS warlords will resurrect their bloodthirsty caliphate in the Middle East in the wake of Turkey's invasion of Syria

Joesph Votel, who led the war on terror in the region, fears thousands of jihadi prisoners could now break out of SDF jails to take up arms again.

Where are the SDF prisons in Syria?

There are seven SDF prisons holding at least 12,000 suspected ISIS fighters around northeast Syria.

Some of the prisons are makeshift and housed in converted schools or hospitals.

Exact locations are not published for security reasons as jihadis have launched multiple jail-break missions.

However, at least some are said to be close to the Turkish border.

There are also three secure camps – al-Hawl, Ain Issa and Roj – housing more than 100,000 women and children.

Many of the women are still radicalised and belived to have committed terror atrocities.

Roj is close to the Turkish border and houses several Britons including Shamima Begum.

The prisons and camps are guarded by the SDF, a coalition of Kurdish, Arab and Christian fighters assembled by the US in 2015.

He added: "Nearly 2,000 foreign fighters, about 9,000 Iraqi and Syrian fighters, and tens of thousands of ISIS family members are being held in detention facilities…in areas under SDF control.

The SDF has already stated that it will have to fortify defence mechanisms along the Syrian-Turkish border, leaving ISIS detention facilities and encampments with little to no security.

Before his death, ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has himself urged fanatics to free thousands of jihadis in a huge and bloody uprising.

In an audio recording, he said the camps were run by “Crusaders” and their “Shia allies” and called on his followers to free jihadis and their brides.

“The prisons, the prisons, soldiers of the caliphate!” he said in the audio released by the ISIS media unit, known as al-Furqan.

“Do your utmost to rescue your brothers and sisters and break down the walls that imprison them.”

And earlier this year, terror fanatics shared an image of Big Ben in London’s Palace of Westminster exploding in flames, with a caption saying: “Coming soon”.

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