Knives out for Theresa May as PM faces threat of ANOTHER no confidence vote this week

Knives out for Theresa May as PM faces threat of ANOTHER no confidence vote this week

The PM will attempt to quell a growing rebellion in her party and Cabinet over what to do about the Brexit stalemate – and hold off Labour who are trying to boot her out of office.

As she prepares to address MPs on a disastrous Brussels summit last week, Mrs May will plead with them not to force another vote, saying it would "leave us no further forward than the last".

And it would "further divide our country at the very moment we should be working to unite it," the PM will say.

She will face another gruelling session from her backbenchers this afternoon as her top team are split down the middle between preparing full steam ahead for No Deal, or letting MPs decide what to do next with a series of votes in the Commons.

Today DWP boss Amber Rudd said "nothing should be off the table".

She told Sky News this morning that "After [the vote on the deal] we need to find out where the will of parliament is, where the majority of MPs will vote in Parliament."

And Business Secretary Greg Clark agreed with her, telling the BBC this morning: "If it were not to be successful, Parliament should be invited to say what it would agree with."

The news comes as the chaos in Westminster continues:

  • Eight ministers said she should put Brexit back in the hands of MPs, but others demanded No Deal preparations step up ASAP
  • A Cabinet ally of the PM, Geoffrey Cox, is said to have told colleagues Mrs May would be gone by April
  • Brexiteer Penny Mordaunt was reported to have been holding talks with key backbench plotters as part of a suspected leadership bid
  • Ex-PM Tony Blair relaunched an attack on the Government, saying a new referendum was the only way out of the deadlock.

The PM has little hope of getting her deal through the Commons after she failed to win any concrete help from the EU last week to push it over the line.

Dozens of MPs are still opposed to her agreement and are set to vote it down whenever it is brought back to the Commons.

The PM is set to put the decision off until after Christmas, but MPs are urging her to hold it NOW.

Labour said they will try and force her to have the vote this week by whatever means necessary.

Andrew Gwynne said yesterday: "We will be using everything at our disposal to try and force the government to bring that deal before Parliament before we rise".

That could include a vote of no confidence in the Government, but Mr Corbyn doesn't want to force it until he thinks he can win.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn yesterday snapped “you’ll hear the news when I announce it” when he was challenged why the party was waiting so long to move.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has been heaping on the pressure for him to table a vote this week too.

"I think it is possible that a confidence motion right now could succeed," she said yesterday.

Meanwhile Boris Johnson has warned that another vote will create "instant, deep and ineradicable feelings of betrayal".

In today's Telegraph column he suggested that ministers were "out of their minds" for considering another "sickening" vote.

"They would know immediately that they were being asked to vote again simply because they had failed to give the 'right' answer last time.

"They would suspect, with good grounds, that it was all a gigantic plot, engineered by politicians, to overturn their verdict."

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