Kingston police investigating after shots fired at north end apartment

Kingston police investigating after shots fired at north end apartment

Forensic investigators are investigating an incident in which several gunshots were fired in the north end of Kingston on Tuesday.

Around 3 a.m., gunshots rang out and struck two windows in a Fraser Street apartment building. One of them, police say, was a children’s room.

It’s unclear why the shots were fired, but police say it happened when three people attempted to break into several units at the apartment building.

“As they were leaving, they fired several shots into the apartment unit windows,” Det. Sgt. Jay Finn said.

Global Kingston spoke to the superintendent of the building, who said they have security video of the event.

“The footage showed them coming into the building,” Jason Copeland told Global Kingston. “They tried to make their way into the door and they were unsuccessful. And then I guess when they came out, they retaliated.”

Copeland said the building’s tenants are shaken by the event.

“Never experienced anything like this before,” Copeland said. “Gunshots are scary no matter what, but this close to home is pretty freaky.”

Not many other details are being released, but Finn said Kingston police are taking the matter seriously.

“It’s a very dangerous incident that occurred, given that people’s windows were shot.”

What investigators do know is that the alleged suspects took off in a darker SUV and a light-coloured sedan. Police are still unsure if the victims and suspects knew each other.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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