Jihadi John victim’s daughter to go to Syria to find father’s body

Jihadi John victim’s daughter to go to Syria to find father’s body

Daughter of Jihadi John victim vows to go to Syria to find her dead father’s body as ex-cellmate reveals how sick ISIS ‘Beatles’ gang made prisoners fight each other in WWE-style Royal Rumble

  • Aid worker David Haines was kidnapped at gunpoint in Syria in March 2013 
  • He was held captive by the ‘ISIS Beatles’ for 18 months before he was beheaded
  • Now his daughter Bethany, 22, has vowed to go to Syria to retrieve his body
  • She has befriended freed captive Federico Motka who was with her father
  • Mr Motka said the executioners made the captives fight for their entertainment 

The daughter of one of the victims of ISIS killer Jihadi John has vowed to go to Syria to retrieve her father’s body.

Aid worker David Haines was kidnapped, tortured and beheaded after spending 18 months as a captive in Syria.

The Yorkshire-born former RAF engineer appeared in a sickening ISIS murder video, kneeling in the desert in an orange jumpsuit before being beheaded by Jihadi John, real name Mohammed Emwazi, in September 2014.

David Haines was beheaded by Jihadi John in September 2014 and the video of his murder was filmed and posted online

Now his daughter Bethany, 22, has decided to do everything in her power to retrieve his body.

She told The Sunday Times: ‘I decided that in the summer I would launch a campaign and appeal to anyone who may have information about my father’s remains.

Bethany Haines, 22, pictured in September 2017, has vowed to travel to Syria to retrieve her father’s body

‘Even if it meant going over to Syria to look for them myself.’

When he was first kidnapped, Ms Haines, then 15, said she could not understand why her father had been taken because he was only trying to help people.

Fellow captive Federico Motka, who was released by the ISIS ‘Beatles’ after Italy paid a reported ransom fee of £5million, has also spoken about his relationship with Mr Haines in a new documentary about Jihadi John.

The Italian aid worker was captured with Mr Haines in March 2013 after the pair were pulled away from their car at gunpoint by masked men, including the four men who would go on to be known as the ‘Beatles’ because of their English accents.

Mr Motka and Mr Haines had only known each other for four days when they were kidnapped but soon forged a strong friendship in the most horrific of circumstances.

They endured torture, beatings and sleep deprivation and were even made to wrestle each other by their captors.

Aid worker David Haines was kidnapped at gunpoint in March 2013 near the Turkish border in Syria

Federico Motka was captured along with Mr Haines but was freed after the Italian government paid a £5million ransom for his release. He has since revealed how he and his fellow captives were made to wrestle each other in a ‘Royal Rumble’

Jihadi John, one of the ISIS ‘Beatles’ whose real name was Mohammed Emwazi, held the captives in horrific conditions

Mr Motka, 35, said: ‘They put us into a cell to do a Royal Rumble.

‘We obviously weren’t going to fight each other, but you kind of couldn’t not fight each other as there was potential for punishment.

‘You have to understand we were like skeletons by then, and every one of us fainted at some stage of another just from exhaustion.’

The former captive said his kidnappers found the fights very entertaining.

Mr Motka attended Mr Haines’s memorial service in Scotland in October 2014 where he first met Bethany and the pair have since become close friends.

He said he can see a lot of David in his daughter which is a ‘wonderful thing’.

  • The Hunt for Jihadi John is on Channel 4 on Monday at 9pm 

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