I'm a travel expert – here's the 5 ways to help soothe your anxiety over holiday | The Sun

I'm a travel expert – here's the 5 ways to help soothe your anxiety over holiday | The Sun

A TRAVEL expert has revealed the top five ways to help people ease their anxiety during holiday.

Most holidaymakers fear they might come home to a disaster after being away for a long time.

A poll commissioned by Ring found more than 78 per cent of travellers wished they had someone to take care of their homes while being on holiday.

With the vast majority suffering travel anxiety.

Luckily, an expert has shared the best ways to stop you from always putting yourself in the worst case scenario and enjoy your trip.

Paul McKenna, author from Ring said: "Travel anxiety is a common fear that people have, often relating to being away from your home.

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“There are several behavioural techniques people can use on themselves or even loved ones to manage anxiety – either ahead of travelling or whilst travelling."

He recommends to have a realistic perspective of the situation and focus on positive feelings.

To achieve this, it is advised to place both hands in front of the body with palms facing up.

While holding this position, you should take time to think about the negative feelings.

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He explains: "Focus on the anger that’s bothering you and ask yourself what that feeling would wish to say to you."

With this exercise your brain can balance the emotional system – pushing the anxiety away.

Negative thoughts can also impact your physical health – which could be an issue if one is planning to take a long drive.

However, exhaustion from pre-travel anxiety can be fixed through breathing exercises.

The expert urges to get in touch with the real world again.

Paul said people should "become aware they're experiencing a stressful feeling".

He added: "Think of a time when you felt good and return to how that memory made you feel and the senses you were aware of."

This combination of imagination and the physical touch can be a game changer to achieve a positive state of mind.

The expert said to "tune into your body" and "clear your mind".

Another flight expert revealed the very clever way to get through a long flight.

Christopher Paul Jones, who runs a phobia clinic, explained: "I create an itinerary so that I spend the flight time being creative and productive.

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"Reframe how you see the flight. See it as some uninterrupted you-time, or self care time."

This can mean scheduling in time for the meal service, as well as hours to sleep, read a book or watch a film.


1. Forgot to clear out the fridge and food went mouldy

2. All your plants died

3. Forgot to put bins out and they went all horrible

4. Accidentally left food out and it rotted

5. Packages/deliveries got stolen

6. Left a light on

7. House was burgled

8. House was flooded

9. Garage was broken into

10. Forgot to cancel a subscription delivery

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