I thought my family rescued a Husky – but 'Run Run' turned out to be a violent wild animal that savaged other pets | The Sun

I thought my family rescued a Husky – but 'Run Run' turned out to be a violent wild animal that savaged other pets | The Sun

DOGS are known for playing an important role in the lives of millions of families.

The canines provide love, loyalty, and companionship in a bond that lasts years.

One family thought they had bought a purebred Husky for their son, who desperately wanted a pet, but they were left stunned when the creature turned out to be an Andean fox.

In 2021, Maribel Sotelo, from Peru, revealed she purchased the animal for $13 (£9.50).

The youngster named their pet “Run Run” and his mom Maribel told Reuters its behavior seemed normal at first.

But, the beast suddenly turned violent as it attacked family members and other animals in the neighborhood.

Maribel said: “A lady told us that it had eaten three large guinea pigs.”

The mom lamented having to pay for the dead animals.

Neighbors were furious with Run Run’s behavior as the beast used to chase animals such as ducks and chickens.

The animal ran away from the family's home and was caught by wildlife officials several days later.

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The National Forest and Wildlife Service said the beasts are bought by traffickers before being illegally sold.

Wildlife specialist Walter Silva said: “Trafficking in wildlife brings these consequences.

“Many specimens are captured from hatchlings.

"For this, they kill the parents, and these juveniles are illegally traded in informal markets.”

Andean foxes have grey and reddish fur and their diet consists of rabbits, hares, and meat from dead animals.

They have thin legs, a bushy tail, prominent ears, and a pointed head.

The Sotelos are not the only family that have been left stunned after realizing the pets they homed were wild animals.

The U.S. Sun reported how Jane Dinscore, from Texas, thought she had adopted two Bengal kittens when she homed two wild bobcats.

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