I quit £100-a-week Pizza Hut job and now make a fortune online -delivering takeaways ruined my social life & self-esteem

I quit £100-a-week Pizza Hut job and now make a fortune online -delivering takeaways ruined my social life & self-esteem

A MODEL has shared how she quit her £100 a week job in Pizza Hut to make a fortune online.

Cinthya LaRose said delivering takeaways had ruined her social life and self-esteem so she decided to swap it for selling her sexy snaps on Only Fans.

The Miami-based model who used to get paid £97 a week says she is now much happier and enjoys her "financial freedom".

She told the Daily Star: "I’d come home smelling like food, my hair was flat and frazzled from constantly washing it.

"My skin went from dry to greasy depending on the day and I gained weight from those food breaks!

"My social life suffered, my self-esteem plummeted and I only made enough money for a mani/pedi and maybe some food.


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"Dealing with angry customers and a stressed-out manager left me drained of energy most days."

Cinthya said at first she was excited but she later realised the job wasn't for her.

She said: “I’ll never forget my excitement in making $120 a week from my three-day part-time job.

"At first it seemed okay to me, I had a crush on one of the managers and got to eat pizza and cheese sticks on my breaks!

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"But I soon realised that as an introvert, this type of work wasn’t really for suited for my personality."

Cinthya didn't know what to expect when she decided to ditch her fast-food job for Only Fans but she said her new job gave her the freedom to "embrace health and wellness with a plant-based diet, meditation, yoga and hiking, as well as focusing on my body as a source of strength and power".

She admits there are certain downsides to her new profession but she doesn't let them keep her down.

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She added: "I am often sexualised, have been judged and rejected by people I thought were my friends, but I take the bad with the good,

"Sex work has empowered me to build my confidence, appreciate and understand what I have to offer and push back on difficulties – real or imagined – by allowing me to just unapologetically be myself."

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