I found my twin stranger when he accidentally sat in my seat on a flight – how you can find YOUR doppelganger too | The Sun

I found my twin stranger when he accidentally sat in my seat on a flight – how you can find YOUR doppelganger too | The Sun

A TRAVELLER was left stunned when he found the man who accidentally got his seat on a flight was in fact his doppelganger.

If you have not stumbled upon the spitting image of yourself, here there are a few ways you can find your stranger twin too.

Neil Douglas, 32, from Glasgow, met Londoner Robert Stirling on a Ryanair flight from Stansted to Galway after he sat in his seat by mistake.

Realising the resemblance was uncanny, the bearded duo snapped a selfie that would become viral.

Upon arriving in Ireland, the pair discovered they had actually booked the same hotel and decided to go for a pint together.

But they are not the only lookalikes that they met by chance.

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Despite living only half a mile apart, Neil Richardson met his identical stranger twin John Jemison when they both went on a coach trip.

Apart from the obvious similarities in physical appearance, the two men discovered they also had led similar lives.

While Brady Feigl was in shock when he discovered not only he had a doppelganger but he had the same name and life as him.

Both men are 6 feet four inches tall, red-headed, wear glasses and play baseball.

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If you're keen to meet someone who looks exactly like you, there are several online tools that can help in your search.

Website Twin Strangers uses an algorithm to find your missing twin anywhere in the world.

All you have to do is register and upload a picture of yourself while the system is looking for a match.

It says: "So many amazing matches have been made on our website. We're talking doppelganger pairs from the Faroe Islands and the USA, Russia and Italy and everywhere in between!"

Another website that works in a similar way is ILookLikeYou.

My Twin Finder is an app that tries to find your lookalike by reverse-searching your picture.

You can also find your doppelganger through reverse image searching yourself by using Google Lens or another face recognition search engine.

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