I filmed my boyfriend's mum sneaking into my bedroom while I slept – what she whispered to me was chilling

I filmed my boyfriend's mum sneaking into my bedroom while I slept – what she whispered to me was chilling

A WOMAN was left stunned after catching her boyfriend's mum sneaking into her bedroom as she slept before whispering chilling things.

The TikTokker shared a series of clips on the platform, explaining she thought the threats were coming from "a ghost" until she installed a motion-detecting camera in her room.

It picked up a woman standing over her as she slept while whispering hateful things, the TikTokker claims.

In an initial TikTok clip, she said: “When I downloaded an app to hear myself snore at night but I end up hearing a voice saying it wants to unalive me and saying hateful things.

“So I think its a ghost in my room but it turns out it was my boyfriend's mom coming in my room and saying those things while I slept while hovering over me.”

After quickly going viral with more than one million likes and thousands of comments, the TikTokker felt compelled to explain the story.

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She revealed how she was shocked to hear a voice in her room after setting up an app to record noises as she slept.

In a second video, she explained: “I was on TikTok one day scrolling and those ads always pop up like ‘record yourself in your sleep at night and hear yourself fart’ or something.

“So I wanted to do that and I didn’t hear myself snore but I started hearing this really weird voice like whispering in my ear.

“It was saying hateful things like ‘you’re so ugly’ and ‘I hate you’ and curse words that I don’t want to say and I don’t want to say the other part either because my other TikToks did get taken down but basically it was some really hurtful stuff.

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“And this happened for like three days in a row and I was like ‘oh my gosh there is a ghost in the house’, I thought there was a ghost because my mother in law has always been do sweet to me – she still is to this day.

“If she is so nice to my face why would I assume it was her."

The TikTokker said she didn't hear see anything for the first couple of days, so she assumed it had stopped.

“But one random night I saw her coming into my room and I thought maybe she is looking for something because she got off work late that day but no she started hovering over me," she added.

The woman says she has yet to confront her boyfriend's mum, who says says is leaving in her house after recently leaving prison.

A further clip shared on her TikTok page, apparently from the motion-detecting camera, appears to show a woman standing over a bed.

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