Hunter Biden begged his cousin to set him up with Nicola Peltz

Hunter Biden begged his cousin to set him up with Nicola Peltz

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Find me rich, hot and kind.’ Hunter Biden BEGGED his cousin Caroline to hook him up with Nicola Peltz – 25 years his junior – to help him ‘break free’ from his brother’s widow and one-time lover Hallie, texts reveal

  • Texts obtained by show Hunter, 53, asked his cousin Caroline to set him up with Nicola Peltz, 28, who married Brooklyn Beckham last year 
  • The president’s son, who was at a Massachusetts rehab center at the time, said his psychiatrist had suggested he date Peltz to ‘break free’ from ex Hallie Biden 
  • In the 2019 conversation, Hunter and Caroline also considered models Bella Thorne, 25, Yasmina Jones, 31,  and Bella Hadid, 26 

Hunter Biden begged his cousin to set him up with actress Nicola Peltz to help him get over his brother’s widow and one-time lover Hallie Biden, text messages reveal.

The president’s son was lamenting his lack of romantic success and began discussing potential girlfriends in a text exchange with Caroline Biden while undergoing treatment at a rehab center in Newburyport, Massachusetts in January 2019.

Messages obtained by show then 48-year-old Hunter told his cousin, the daughter of Joe Biden’s brother Jim, how his psychiatrist had suggested he date  Peltz, then 24 – who married Brooklyn Beckham last year – in order to ‘break free’ from Hallie.

The cousins also discussed model Bella Hadid, 26, actress Bella Thorne, 25, English model Yasmina Jones, 31, and famed children’s author Roald Dahl’s daughter Lucy Dahl, 57, as other potential matches for the First Son. 

 Texts obtained by show Hunter Biden begged his cousin Caroline to set him up with actress Nicola Peltz – who is 25 years his junior – in January 2019

The president’s son, who was in rehab at the time, told his younger cousin his psychiatrist had suggested he date Peltz – who married Brooklyn Beckham last year – to help him move on from sister-in-law and one-time lover Hallie Biden (right)

At the time Hunter had been searching for his next conquest after his years-long relationship with sister-in-law, who was married to his late brother Beau, had soured. 

He repeatedly pressed Caroline, now 35, to set him up with the Transformers actress, who coincidentally already had ties to to his cousin. 

He also asked her to find other ‘rich, hot, and kind’ women throughout their conversation – which took place just four months before he tied the knot with his current wife Melissa Cohen, who is 17 years younger than him. 

Caroline told him she knew a modeling agency head who could hook him up with ‘any model you want’. 

In the January 28, 2019 text exchange, Hunter told his cousin he and his shrink had been chatting over lunch earlier that day when the doctor said he met a woman while on vacation with his family in Maine who was ‘perfect’ for him. 

‘Her name is a Pelt[z]….Or whatever your friend[‘s] name is and showed me her picture. Funny huh,’ Hunter wrote to Caroline. 

‘[Your] friend that you were going to [tee] me up with,’ he added. 

In texts obtained from Hunter’s abandoned laptop, Hunter told his cousin he and his doctor had been chatting over lunch earlier that day when the shrink said he met a woman while on vacation in Maine who was ‘perfect’ for him

Caroline apparently already had ties to the actress, who she described as ‘pretty’ and ‘sweet’ 

Later in the conversation, Caroline advises Hunter that he would have to get Nicola’s parents on his side and should cozy up to her brother Brad 

Caroline’s apparent connection to Nicola, who is 25 years Hunter’s junior, is unclear. The Bates Motel actress – is the daughter of billionaire Nelson Peltz (pictured together right) 

Caroline replied: ‘Nicola Peltz!?!? See I told you. How f***ing pretty is she. And sweet. Did you tell her you’re my cousin[?]’ 

Hunter continued: ‘He was telling me that I have to break d=free (sic) from Hallies trap … And then said …’I know someone’ … Nicola Peltz … You two would be perfect.

‘I said my cousin knows her well and was supposed to set us up on a date but She didn’t b/cd [because] she’s crazy as me’.  

The younger Biden advised Hunter he would have to get Nicola’s parents on his side, and that he could cozy up to the movie star half his age by helping her older brother Brad Peltz, a fellow Yale graduate.

‘Nicola Peltz is 24 and her father Nelson Peltz would have to love you,’ she said. ‘Can you meet brad and help brad. That gets you Nelson. That gets you Nicola.

‘You need Nelson to like you which he will And Claudia even more. The mother.’

’24 is great,’ Hunter replied. ‘Seriously Its incredibly easy to impress a 24 year old.’

A source close to the Peltz family tells that Nicola has never met or even spoken with the president’s son. Caroline’s connection to Nicola, who is 25 years Hunter’s junior, is unclear.

As Hunter urges his cousin to be his matchmaker, Caroline, who is the daughter of Joe Biden’s brother Jim, shares her contempt for his ex Hallie, who she describes as an ‘evil person’

Later in the conversation, the two go on to discuss other potential candidates for the First Son, with Caroline suggesting models. She tells Hunter he ‘can’t have’ Nicola until he’s ‘over Hallie’

Hunter replies that the actress will get him ‘over’ his ex-lover 

Nicola is the daughter of Nelson Peltz, a billionaire investor who recently scored a victory in his proxy fight against Disney over CEO Bob Iger’s reappointment. 

Peltz is likely relieved his daughter never became romantically linked with the president’s son, after Hunter’s drug and prostitute binges and criminal investigation became shockingly public when his laptop fell into the media’s hands in 2020. 

As their text message exchange goes on, Hunter and Caroline repeatedly veer off into separate discussions about his apparently turbulent relationship with Hallie and other Biden family drama, with Hunter steering the conversation back to his romantic prospects each time.

‘Focus Caroline. Set me up with Nicola,’ he wrote after she had gone on a tangent. ‘Focus on my needs right now,’ he says again later in the conversation. 

‘Ok but I need you to do something first,’ Caroline replied, before going on a vitriolic rant about Hallie.  

‘I need you to truly know Hallie doesn’t love you and she never loved Beau and she’s an evil person. She doesn’t have a soul,’ she said. 

‘Get the f**k out of there…There being Hallie. 

‘I f**king hate her [H]unt…. I will punch her in the face if I see her.’ 

The conversation took place while Hunter was undergoing treatment at an in-patient facility in  Newburyport, Massachusetts. previously revealed photos from Hunter’s stint at Blue Water Wellness in the same town, where he booked a float therapy session on January 30, 2019

Like Hunter, Caroline has reportedly struggled with addiction for years, and attended court-ordered rehab after one DUI 

The text message exchange took place in late January of 2019 – just four months before he tied the knot with his current wife Melissa Cohen  with whom he now shares son Beau, 2

Later in the conversation she also tells Hunter he can’t ‘have’ Nicola until he is ‘over Hallie.’

‘Because I’m telling you she won’t like you….She’s too smart,’ Caroline wrote.  

‘Nicola will get me over Hallie,’ Hunter replied. 

The pair go on to name other potential young and successful women for the First Son, such as corporate attorney Deva Roberts, and the ‘Sultan of Brunei’s daughter’, among others. 

Hunter told Caroline he was looking for a woman who was ‘kind and sexy but loyal and a good friend’, and that he prioritized beauty over intelligence.

‘Smart and pretty but I choose pretty first,’ he said. ‘Im shallop [sic] that way.’

‘Let’s find you a girlfriend and a new addiction,’ Caroline wrote. 

‘A younger girl. Stop with the f**king trolls,’ she added, before suggesting ‘The sultan of Brunei’s daughter’. 

Hunter added that he was also looking for a woman who had her own financial means.

‘Dude just find rich hot and kind,’ he said. 

Caroline suggested he look at the Instagram account of Gotham Gym, a favorite haunt for models and actresses training with top fitness instructors – including Bella Thorne and Bella Hadid. 

Hunter and Caroline’s conversation circles back to his quest for a ‘girlfriend’ who must have ‘money of her own and ambition’ 

Hunter tells Caroline he wants someone ‘smart and pretty’ but admits he prioritizes ‘pretty’ 

He continually urges his cousin to set him up on a date with one of her friends  

Caroline promises that she can get Hunter ‘any model you want’ 

‘I say go for Bella Thorne,’ Caroline wrote. ‘LOOK THROUGH GOTHAM GYM PHOTOS and pick 5 girls.’

But when Hunter sent a photo of Bella Hadid at the gym, she disapproved and replied: ‘Yeah that’s f**king HADID….she sucks! You’d haaaate her’. 

Caroline also suggested Roald Dahl’s daughter Lucy, who she described as ‘Super loaded, so fantastic. Non judgmental.’

Hunter, however, ultimately rules her out, telling his cousin: ‘No to Lucy I think.’ has previously revealed later excerpts of the text conversation, in which Hunter used apparent racist slurs against Asian people.

‘I also have Denise a German, 26. Do you want foreign or domestic[?]’ Caroline texted, playing matchmaker. ‘I can’t give you f***ing Asian sorry.’

‘Domesticated foreigner Is fine,’ Hunter replied. ‘No yellow.’

He ultimately met and married Melissa Cohen, a blonde South African filmmaker, in May 2019 after he was introduced by a friend. 

At 37, Cohen is more than a decade younger than Hunter and appears to fit the young, ‘smart and pretty’ mold Hunter was seeking. 

Cohen was raised by her adoptive Jewish parents in Johannesburg before moving to LA at the age of 21 to study Horticulture at UCLA. 

Hunter and Caroline also listed famed children’s author Roald Dahl’s daughter Lucy Dahl, 57, (left) model Bella Hadid, 26, as other potential romantic candidates for the president’s son 

Models Yasmina Jones, 31, (left) and Bella Thorne, 25, were also suggested as potential mates for Hunter

In his memoir, Beautiful Things, published last year, Hunter credits Cohen with ‘saving’ his life, revealing she helped him get back on the straight and narrow. 

The father-of-five got a ‘shalom’ tattoo to match Cohen’s and, six days after they met, they married. 

Neither the bride nor the groom had any family members in attendance and the wedding photos were taken by a friend on their phone. They were pictured together after the ceremony in a photo published on ABC News.

Hunter writes that Cohen took his phone, computer, car keys and wallet away from him to stop him using drugs.

The wedding was courtesy of Instant Marriage LA – the same agency that married Johnny Depp and Amber Heard – and when they called a Russian immigrant called Maria Kharlash said she could do it the next day as it was late in the afternoon.

Hunter offered to pay extra and they drove to her office immediately.

He writes: ‘The decision never felt rash or harebrained or reckless. It felt urgent. It felt like I’d been given a reprieve. I felt the astonishing luck of a man who’d agreed to meet a woman for coffee when it was all but impossible for him to leave a hotel room without a crack pipe in his hand, and who fell in love at first sight’.

The two now live together in Malibu and share Joseph Robinette ‘Beau’ Biden IV, who will turn three next month.


May 30, 2015: Beau Biden passes away from brain cancer 

July 2015: Hunter Biden says he moved out of his home after breaking his sobriety pact with his wife Kathleen 

October 2015: Hunter and Kathleen formally separate

August 2016: Hunter vacations in the Hamptons with sister-in-law Hallie and her children 

September 8, 2016: Hunter sexts Hallie’s married sister Elizabeth Secundy 

Fall 2016: Hallie flies to meet Hunter when he got out of rehab in Arizona 

December 9, 2016: Hunter’s wife Kathleen files for divorce 

March 1, 2017: Hunter and Hallie are publicly revealed as a couple, Joe Biden gives a statement with his blessing 

December 2017: Hunter conceives a child with stripper Lunden Roberts

July 3, 2018: Hunter and Elizabeth sign a lease together on a house in Greenville, Delaware 

August 2, 2018: Hunter emails Hallie ‘you can love romantically whomever you want’ 

January 28, 2019: Hunter’s cousin Caroline Biden suggests hooking him up with Nicola Peltz or a much younger model

April 30, 2019: Hunter and Hallie’s split is publicly revealed 

May 10, 2019: Hunter meets South African model Melissa Cohen 

May 16, 2019: Hunter marries Melissa 

May 28, 2019: Lunden sues Hunter over unpaid child support

March 2020: Melissa gives birth to the couple’s first child, a son named after Hunter’s late brother, Beau  

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