How to recycle your Christmas tree – where are the nearest collection points?

How to recycle your Christmas tree – where are the nearest collection points?

Councils across the country have allocated collection times for the festive period, and here is how you can find out where to take your tree.

When can you recycle your Christmas tree?

The majority of council’s will have information on when and where you can recycle a Christmas tree.

If you’re living in England and Wales, this tool will make sure you get the day right.

Just enter your postcode, and it will direct you to your council’s collection page.

Some council’s will start a collecting the trees right after the festive period and others can start as late at January 7.

If you currently receive kerbside food and garden waste collection you should be able to just leave the tree out on the kerb on the scheduled collection day.

However, do check what the exact arrangements for your area are with your local council.

If you do not have this service, you can put your postcode into this tool to find out where the nearest centre that will take your tree is.

What kind of Christmas trees can you recycle?

Councils usually only accept a real Christmas tree and nothing else.

That means you should remove any pots, soil and decorations.

If you do have a fake one that you want to get rid of then it needs to go to the tip – but if it is in good condition they may be accepted by charity shops for re-sale or re-use.

What other items can you recycle?

You can also recycle any used wrapping paper (without the sellotape), except for metallic or glitter varieties.

Just place the wrapping paper your regular recycling bins.

Some councils will accept unwanted fairy lights, gifts or appliances.

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