How did prankster Daniel 'Jarvo' Jarvis gain access to BBC studio?

How did prankster Daniel 'Jarvo' Jarvis gain access to BBC studio?

How did serial prankster gain access to BBC studio? Security concerns after Youtuber managed to tape phone to set in Molineux stadium during FA Cup coverage and play porn noises over Gary Lineker’s live broadcast

  • BBC’s coverage of Wolves’ game with Liverpool was interrupted by porn noises
  • The BBC bosses could not figure out where the explicit noises were coming from
  • The sounds continued in the BBC studio for over 10 minutes ahead of kick-off
  • Gary Lineker finally managed to find a hidden mobile phone playing the noises
  • A Youtuber claims to be behind prank and has video of him calling hidden mobile

The BBC is today investigating how a serial prankster walked on to Gary Lineker’s Match of the Day set and planted a phone playing porn noises he then set off during a live broadcast watched by millions last night.

In a major security breach, Youtuber Daniel Jarvis managed to get into Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Molineux stadium and tape the mobile to some furniture.

Jarvis, from Gravesend, Kent, then called the phone from his home, playing high-volume moaning as Lineker introduced the live FA Cup match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Liverpool.

Shortly after the Match of the Day’s coverage for Liverpool’s replay at Wolves began on BBC1, the embarrassing moaning noises began, leaving the pundits visibly confused and viewers incredulous, especially those watching with children. 

Lineker said afterwards that the prank was funny and the BBC shouldn’t apologise – but Jarvis’ ability to get on to a BBC set and plant a phone raises major security questions for the safety of the corporation’s outside broadcasts. 

Jarvo, whose multiple pitch invasions have seen him in the dock, posted a picture of himself outside the studio as it was being built in recent days. 

The YouTuber claimed to be behind the prank on Twitter and posted a video of himself outside of BBC’s studio at Wolves’ stadium

Daniel Jarvis later posted a picture of himself with an identical phone to the one Gary Lineker posted  in a prank that has sparked a BBC investigation

The BBC were left red-faced after a prankster sabotaged coverage of Wolves v Liverpool FA Cup tie by hiding mobile phone on set that played porn film noises over Gary Lineker

Lineker and Alan Shearer both joked that the noise was coming from Danny Murphy’s phone

Jarvo69’s porn prank is the latest in years of high profile jokes – and some of them have proved to be criminal.

In September 2021, he was arrested on suspicion of assault after entering the field of play for the third successive England Test match and sparking a confrontation with Jonny Bairstow.

He was wearing a full England cricket kit. 

Jarvis was already banned from Lord’s and Headingley for being on the field of play during the second and third Tests against India. He was later found guilty of aggravated trespass.

In October 2021, Jarvis had to be escorted off the field at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff after pitch invading and lining up alongside New Zealand’s rugby stars before their clash with Wales.

It was his fifth stunt of the year as it came after the three cricket invasions and a disruption to an NFL game.


Lineker and Alan Shearer appeared to be tickled by the chorus of sex sounds, with Shearer joking that it was all Danny Murphy’s fault. The BBC quickly cut away for a pre-match interview with Jurgen Klopp, but after returning to the studio the noises continued to disrupt the show for around 10 minutes.

Youtuber Daniel Jarvis, from Gravesend, Kent, has claimed responsibility for the porn noises. It is not yet known how he managed to get into Molineux stadium and tape the mobile to the set. The BBC is investigating that major security breach.

A video on social media shows that the prank phone had the porn sound effects as a ring tone, and Jarvis, known as ‘Jarvo69’ and ‘BMWJarvo’ on social media, began calling it in a live stream as the FA Cup coverage began.  He has previously been known for pitch invasions, including when where he bumped England batsman Jonny Bairstow and was convicted of aggravated trespass. 

Gary Lineker later told Newsnight that he found the prank funny and said he doesn’t know why the BBC have apologised. 

While the noises continued to play out Lineker remained composed and saw the funny side, as he joked: ‘Would you stop making those noises, Danny,’ directing his quip at Danny Murphy.

Moments after the game got underway, Lineker then tweeted to confirm that he had finally discovered where the noise was coming from.

‘Well, we found this taped to the back of the set,’ Lineker wrote alongside a picture of a mobile phone.

‘As sabotage goes it was quite amusing.’

During the half-time analysis, Lineker said to Ince and Murphy: ‘Harvey Elliott’s goal was a screamer … which was not the only one we’ve had tonight.’

The topic was quickly trending on Twitter, where YouTuber Jarvo69 claimed to be behind the sex phone prank that left the pundits red-faced.

Daniel Jarvis, who is a serial pitch invader, tweeted: ‘Yes, it was me that pranked the BBC Match of the Day with the sex Phone 🙂 The video coming soon!!!! @BMWJARVO best prankster ever!!!!’ 

A short video accompanied the tweet which showed him behind the scenes at the Molineux stadium and at the door of the BBC’s studio.

Gary Lineker could not hide his embarrassment at the porn noises coming from the studio

Lineker later tweeted that he had found the phone that had been making the porn noises

A livestream on his YouTube channel shows the prankster watching Match of the Day at home while repeatedly making calls to the phone taped to the back of one of the seats.

He proudly announced at the beginning of the video: ‘Here we are, we have set up a phone with a loud sex noise in the BBC studios at the Wolves v Liverpool FA Cup replay.’

Jarvo69 watches the coverage with his phone held carefully in hand, waiting for the moment to pull off his practical joke.

Then he and his friends are seen breaking out in laughter while shouting ‘that’s me!’.

The video, which currently has 20,000 views, shows the jokester repeatedly dialing the same number, until the noise stops playing out of the TV.

‘He’s found it, he’s found it,’ he shouted, when the calls stopped going through.

Gary Lineker, spoke about the mobile phone porn prank on Newsnight.

He said: ‘When it started, I did recognise that sound. I think we’ve all been done with that when you open up a WhatsApp or something.

‘It was so loud I couldn’t hear anything that either Danny Murphy or even when I spoke to Alan Shearer. I could hardly hear what they said when the thing was going on.

In a video on YouTube the prankster showed himself apparently calling the phone that was hidden in the studio

Fans swiftly took to social media to react to the sounds during BBC’s pre-match coverage

‘I have to say I think it’s funny. The BBC have issued some sort of apology, I know not why. It’s certainly got nothing to apologise for.

‘It was quite hard to carry on the pre-match build-up and take it seriously when this was going on in the background.

‘It added to the whole game actually. I don’t think anyone cared for the game. We had a screamer of a goal which was kind of the tone of the whole show in some ways.

‘As pranks go, it was a good one and credit to them. It was funny I thought.’

Daniel ‘Jarvo’ Jarvis jumps into the pool during the Men’s 10m Final during the FINA/NVC Diving World Series at London’s Aquatics Centre

Jarvo, in a mask, joins the New Zealand team for the anthems ahead of the Autumn International match between Wales and New Zealand at Principality Stadium on October 30, 2021

Daniel Jarvis, known as Jarvo 69, in confronted by Jacksonville Jaguars’ Logan Cooke (left) as he invades the pitch during the match which is part of the NFL London Games at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Sunday October 17, 2021

Jarvo69 watches the coverage with his phone held carefully in hand, and waited for the moment to pull off his practical joke

Fans could not help but laugh at the BBC’s misfortune, with one supporter joking that someone would be facing the sack following the incident.

‘Someone at BBC is losing their job,’ they joked.

Another added: ‘BBC MOTD having a mare,’ as the sounds continued.

‘Creased at someone at BBC getting done with the porn sound,’ another fan wrote along with a series of laughing face emojis.

The porn noises in the studio was just the beginning of a nightmare start to the evening at Molineux, as there was also a power cut in the early stages of the game, meaning that VAR was not used in the opening 16 minutes.

One fan poked fun at how badly things had gone before and during the match.  

‘Porn on the BBC. Shearer saying it was Danny Murphy’s phone. A power cut at Molineux. VAR broke due to the power cut. 

‘The magic of the cup,’ they teased.

The BBC has apologised after sexual noises interrupted live television coverage of the FA Cup.

‘We apologise to any viewers offended during the live coverage of the football this evening,’ the BBC said.

A spokesperson said the BBC was investigating the incident.

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