Hong Kong protesters fire arrows, javelins and tear gas against armed riot police

Hong Kong protesters fire arrows, javelins and tear gas against armed riot police

Violent clashes continue in Hong Kong as protesters add medieval weapons to arsenal

Hong Kong protesters have added some medieval weapons in their confrontation with armed riot police – firing off flaming arrows and throwing javelins to counter tear gas, water cannons and live bullets, according to a report.

Some of the most violent clashes have taken place at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where officials said the demonstrators shot arrows dipped in gasoline and ignited, the UK’s Telegraph reported.

Adding to their arsenal of bricks and Molotov cocktails, they also whipped out electric saws against officers, according to the news outlet.

On Wednesday, the pro-democracy protesters erected barricades along busy roads, blocked commuters, vandalized trains and also set fire to buses and gas stations, police said.

A radical faction of protesters also have begun harassing residents and vandalizing businesses they perceive as pro-Beijing.

Mainland Chinese students have posted comments online about being targeted by protesters breaking into their dorms and spray-painting expletives, according to Chinese media.

“A university is supposed to be a breeding ground for future leaders, but it became a battlefield for criminals and rioters,” chief superintendent John Tse Chun-chung said.

Jacky So, president of the university’s student union, has applied for an interim injunction to ban police from entering the campus without a warrant, and from using crowd-control weapons there without approval from the institution.

Protests escalated after a 22-year-old student died last week from injuries sustained from a fall under unclear circumstances while officers were clearing protesters.

Many have been enraged by the death, vowing revenge for the “blood debt.”

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