Hitler’s plans for a ‘final solution’ in North America uncovered

Hitler’s plans for a ‘final solution’ in North America uncovered

Hitler’s plans for a ‘final solution’ in North America: Canada’s national archive acquires book owned by the Nazi leader that it believes was his blueprint for a purge of Jews

  • The Canadian Library and Archives in Ottawa have acquired the book from 1944
  • The book details Jewish populations across North American towns and cities 
  • They believe a US soldier likely brought it back from Hitler’s library at Berghof
  • Hitler’s Bavarian alpine retreat was ransacked by Allied troops in May 1945

Adolf Hitler wanted the vicious hand of the Third Reich to extend into the homes of Jews in North America

A book which belonged to Adolf Hitler has been uncovered in Ottawa mapping the Third Reich’s sinister intentions for a ‘final solution’ for Jews across North America. 

From remote towns with populations of just 52 Jews, to large metropolitan hubs like Toronto with tens of thousands of potential victims – the Nazis wanted their murderous purge of the Jews to extend across the Atlantic.

The book, ‘Statistics, Press, and Organizations of Jewry in the United States and Canada’, is a grim analysis of the Jewish populations of North America. 

It details Jewish demographics and distributions across the US and Canada, as well as important Jewish organizations and the Jewish press.

Hitler planned to keep the United States out of the war and Nazi propaganda, prior to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s declaration, had courted the American media.

‘Statistics, Press, and Organizations of Jewry in the United States and Canada’ was written by Heinz Kloss, a German academic dispatched to carry out research in North America prior to WWII

Hitler sitting on the edge of a desk at his Bavarian alpine headquarters at Berghof in around 1940

But in reality Hitler held American society – aside from its German descendants – in contempt, remarking ‘it’s half Judaised, and the other half negrified.’

The book was written by Heinz Kloss, a German linguist who traveled to the United States prior to WWII and who was in contact with anti-Semites there.

The front page of the book has a box plate with the Nazi eagle above a swastika symbol, titled ‘Ex Libris Adolf Hitler,’ indicating it came from Hitler’s personal library.

Hitler was an avid reader and book collector estimated to have had up to 16,000 books in his collection. 

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Canadian experts believe the book was probably brought to the United States as a war souvenir by an American soldier after the ransacking Hitler’s Bavarian alpine retreat at Berghof in the spring of 1945.

Library and Archives Canada acquired the book from a collector who had obtained it from a Holocaust survivor.

Other libraries in North America with books once owned by Hitler include the Library of Congress and Brown University Library. 

The front page of the book, published in Stuttgart in 1944, reveals Hitler’s plans for a ‘final solution’ to extend across the Atlantic

The book will be preserved in the Jacob M. Lowy Collection in the Canadian capital where archivists hold other works important to Holocaust remembrance. 

‘It allows us to educate and to advocate for the most complete historical record possible.’ Library archivist Guy Berthiaume said.

‘The truth of history is woven from many sources, and it is only when history is presented in its entirety that it can support the free exchange of ideas that lies at the heart of a democratic society.’

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