Heart-stopping moment inside a Humvee as it's blown up by landmine – and Ukrainian crew survive thanks to US-made armour | The Sun

Heart-stopping moment inside a Humvee as it's blown up by landmine – and Ukrainian crew survive thanks to US-made armour | The Sun

DRAMATIC footage from inside a Humvee truck shows the moment a landmine blew it up with Ukrainian soldiers still inside.

The crew miraculously all survived the fireball blast thanks to the tough armour on the US-made military vehicle.

The clip shows Ukrainian fighters riding in the truck – with one standing up through a gap in the roof to man the machine gun.

One of the soldiers then starts shouting as gunshots ring out in the background.

Two brave men grab their rifles and sprint out to join the battle.

Smoke can be seen rising in the distance as the armed defenders scour the immediate area for Russian attackers.

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Suddenly a blast erupts under under the Humvee – with at least three soldiers still inside.

Flames are seen filling the cab, and debris falls from the roof.

The occupants then rush to escape as the vehicle fills with smoke.

And thanks to the incredible US-made armour, they all survived the terrifying blast.

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Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Butusov, who was on board with the soldiers when the landmine struck, shared the heartstopping clip on YouTube.

He said: "A heavy assault together with the fighters of the 59th brigade.

"The Humvee in which I was riding with the fighters blew up, the tank that supported us blew up, Russian artillery covered us on a minefield.

"But the assault groups of the 59th brigade regrouped and went on the assault again, destroyed the resistance and shot down a Russian FPV drone and took one of the important Russian positions at the crossroads of landings that allows us to move forward.

"This is how the heavy steps of the Ukrainian infantry, which so hard liberated another large field and two landings from the enemy, look like from inside the battle."

Ukraine's ministry of defence shared part of the video and hailed the West for sending vital equipment.

It tweeted: "Insane footage from inside a Ukrainian HMMWV during combat.

"Thank you to the American people! Your Humvees save the lives of our soldiers."

Countries including the US have sent munitions and vehicles to the war-torn country in a bid to bolster the country's defence against Russia.

The US has shipped a number of Humvees over to Ukraine, which are able to carry lots of military hardware including anti-tank missile launchers.

Another clip from the frontline showed Ukrainian fighters storming Russian trenches in Humvee vehicles.

Ukraine's troops could be seen blasting Vladimir Putin's soldiers with machine guns.

Meanwhile, shameless Putin has flaunted weapons claimed to be seized in Ukraine during his barbaric invasion – including Humvees.

The twisted tyrant is attempting to flex his military muscle at the West by showcasing more than 800 weapons and pieces of war equipment.

Images from the exhibition at Patriot Park in Kubinka show bullet-riddled trucks from the UK as well as US Humvees.

Tanks made in Sweden and what Russia claims to be captured US assault rifles are also on display.

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