Harriet Tubman won’t be featured on the $20 bill until 2028: Mnuchin

Harriet Tubman won’t be featured on the $20 bill until 2028: Mnuchin

Anti-slavery activist Harriet Tubman won’t appear on U.S. currency for nearly a decade, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Wednesday.

An image of Tubman, a former slave who helped others escape to freedom through the Underground Railroad, was supposed to replace President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill next year.

“The primary reason we’ve looked at redesigning the $20 bill is for counterfeiting issues,” Mnuchin said in front of Congress on Wednesday.

“Based upon this, the new $20 bill will now not come out until 2028,” he added.

President Trump, who is a fan of slave-owning Jackson, blasted the plan to replace him on the note during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump called the plan “pure political correctness” and suggested Tubman appear on $2 bills, which are no longer printed.

Tubman was picked as the replacement in a survey conducted by the Treasury Department during Obama’s presidency.

She would have been the first black woman to appear on U.S. currency.

In his testimony Wednesday, Mnuchin said the postponement was not political, but a security decision.

“The ultimate issue of the redesign will most likely be another secretary’s down the road,” he said.

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