George Michael’s sister ‘to be buried next to his unmarked grave but he will NEVER have a gravestone’ – The Sun

George Michael’s sister ‘to be buried next to his unmarked grave but he will NEVER have a gravestone’ – The Sun

MELANIE Panaytiou, George Michael's sister who died three years after his death, will be buried next to her beloved brother.

Pop legend George is buried next to his mum, Lesley in Highgate Cemetery.

The 59-year-old hairdresser who is reported to have had a "special bond" with her younger brother died suddenly on Christmas day.

She was found by her sister, Yioda who called 999 – police attended as a matter of routine and established there were no suspicious circumstances.


They confirmed the death is not being treated as "suspicious".

It's understood Melanie had suffered a short illness before her death.

The family have asked for "privacy" in a statement through their lawyer, John Reid.

Mr Reid said: "We can confirm that very tragically Melanie has passed away suddenly.

“We would simply ask that the family' s privacy be respected at this very sad time".

Now the Daily Star reports that a source close to the family has revealed that George's grave will remain unmarked.

The source alleges the grieving Panaytiou family and  friends fear the area of Highgate Cemetary could become inundated with fans.

And now that Melanie will tragically be buried there, alongside her mum and brother, the place is more special than ever.

The Wham! singer's house has been transformed into a fan-mecca since his death.

The source said: "Now that they will also have to visit the family plot to mourn Melanie, they don’t want to be wading through fans and their tributes just to pay respect to the growing number of their tragic loved ones.

[Melanie] died from a broken heart

"George’s family saw how his home became a cluttered shrine due to fans crowding outside it and leaving flowers and other tributes, and they want his grave to remain clear of that sort of thing.

“They want it to be the place he and now his poor sister can really rest in peace.”

The family forked out for extra security at the graveside, and even feared grave-robbers.

Currently, the only marker on the singer's grave is a small heart-shaped plaque.

The Sun exclusively revealed yesterday how George Michael’s devastated sister "died of a broken heart" after never getting over her brother’s death.

The devastated hairdresser is thought to have lived her final years in turmoil and as a semi-recluse.

A family source said: “People think she died from a broken heart.

“She had been living as a recluse and only really went out to the hairdressers and post office and occasionally with her older sister Yioda.

“She stayed indoors, had shopping delivered and rarely left the house.”

And it's thought George's £97.6 million fortune – that he left the majority of to his sisters – will now fall to the eldest of the Anglo-Greek clan, Yioda.

The Star's source said: "The sisters have controlled George’s money since he died and decided how it would be split between his other loved ones and friends.

“It’s expected Melanie’s wishes are that her share of the money will go to Yioda to continue that.”


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