Friends on opposite side of world reunited with ‘virtual dining experience’

Friends on opposite side of world reunited with ‘virtual dining experience’

This is the heart-warming moment old friends living on different sides of the planet were reunited over a ‘virtual dining experience.’

Long-term pals from all over the world including the UK, Australia, US and Nicaragua were brought together to enjoy a pizza ‘together’.

From their respective locations, they were able to hold hands using virtual reality gloves, smell what the other diner was eating and see one another through a crystal clear 4K TV.

But there was a twist.

They were just a few metres away from each other – separated by a wall – and those living outside the UK were in on it.

Pizza Express reunited the pals to show how food brings us together.

Laura Chico, 46, is originally from America but now lives in London – she met Michelle Fox, from Denver, USA, when studying in Atlanta.

However they haven’t seen one another in nearly three years – despite being best friends.

Laura said: “When I first met Michelle on a University Exchange programme in Atlanta, Georgia, she was filled with warmth and sparkle and fun and I knew instantly that I’d made a friend for life.

“After University, she moved back to Denver and I lived in various parts of the world, finally settling in London.

“We are still good friends and try to stay in regular contact — but it’s hard with kids and work and the time zone difference.

“Nothing beats seeing each other in person and what better place than over pizza?”

John Jones 74, from Manchester has known Jeremy Rose, 74, from Brisbane, Australia for more than 50 years, having bonded during their time in the RAF.

But Jeremy moved to Australia decades ago and they lost touch before reconnecting over the internet years later.

Jeremy said: “John and I have known each for 55 years having met in the RAF and although we did sadly lose touch for a few years, we came in contact again thanks to Friends Reunited.

“We have since become close friends and we tend to meet up in different places in the world, so thank you so much to Pizza Express for bringing us together.

“We have even planned our 75th birthday in Santorini next year.”

Shari Robinson, 45, was born and bred in Australia but has resided in London for 20 years.

She was reunited with old friend, Marvin Julius, 37, from Brisbane, Australia over the slap-up meal.

Shari was the sister of Marvin’s childhood best mate growing-up and they became close when he moved to the UK for a time.

Marvin said: “Shari and I have such a special relationship and have done for decades. We Skype all the time, although it is never quite as fun as hanging out in person.

“The surprise from Pizza Express was really second-to-none and I can’t believe Shari didn’t recognise the venue, as she has been involved in many children’s parties at the Abbey Road restaurant.”

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