Free bags of weed dropped from sky by drone in Tel Aviv

Free bags of weed dropped from sky by drone in Tel Aviv

It has been raining free weed bags in Israel.

A drone dropped packets of what looked like cannabis over the main square in Tel Aviv yesterday after activists seeking to legalise the drug in the country promised free marijuana on social media.

Passersby managed to snag a few of the bags before police arrived, according to the Maariv news website.

Footage showed people walking through busy traffic to pick up packets that had fallen on a road.

‘The time has come,’ the Green Drone pro-legalisation group said on its Telegram web messaging channel. 

‘Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Green Drone sending you free cannabis from the skies.’

Police said they arrested two men who operated a quadcopter that flew over Rabin Square, a site often used for street protests and political rallies.

In a statement, police added they suspected the bags were filled with ‘a dangerous drug’ and officers managed to recover dozens of them. 

Photos distributed by the police showed what appeared to be cannabis inside.

Currently, medical use of cannabis is permitted in Israel while recreational use is illegal but largely decriminalised.

In May, Israel gave approval for exports of medical cannabis, paving the way for sales abroad that the government expects to produce hundreds of millions of pounds in revenue.

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