Former UFC Star Denis ‘The Menace’ Stojnić Saves Woman From Attack Outside Nightclub With 1 Punch

Former UFC Star Denis ‘The Menace’ Stojnić Saves Woman From Attack Outside Nightclub With 1 Punch

Everyone hopes that if trouble were to befall them one day, a knight in shining armor will appear to save the day. That is just what happened for one young woman in Sarajevo one night in December last year.

As she was leaving the Dorian Gray nightclub where she had presumably been enjoying her night out, she was suddenly attacked by a man in the parking lot. Fortunately for her — and rather unfortunately for her attacker — the owner of said nightclub just happens to be former UFC MMA fighter Denis ‘The Menace’ Stojnić.

He had been watching the CCTV cameras inside the club when he noticed the altercation outside, and quickly rushed to the woman’s rescue according to The Sun.

By the time he got out to the parking lot, the man had dragged the woman behind a car by her hair, and the footage shows him appearing to throw a punch at her. EnterStojnić, who marched quickly across the lot and threw a single punch at the man before throwing him to the ground away from her.

“I saw on CCTV that a huge man, even bigger than me, hit a woman with a punch to the head. I immediately ran outside and reacted that way to protect the woman from the abuser,” he explained.

Others followed him out of the club as he held the man down, and he directed his security team to help the woman into a taxi so that she could safely get away from the horrible situation. She decided that she did not want to make a legal case against her attacker.

Stojnić lamented the fact that such incidents are sadly a common occurrence in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Unfortunately in our country violence against women occurs often. My duty as a man, citizen and then as an owner of a club is that everyone in the building feels safe. Especially women because they are someone’s children, sisters, mothers.”

The 38-year-old has not fought in a ring since 2016, but that hasn’t stopped him from saving women from violent incidents in and around his nightclub.

During his career, he saw action in a UFC ring just twice, suffering defeats to both Cain Velasquez and Stefan Struve. During local promotions in the Balkans, however, he enjoyed plenty of successes. His career spanned over 10 years, affording him 13 wins and just three losses, including the two against Velasquez and Struve.

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