Forget the new PM – hot podium guy is BACK

Forget the new PM – hot podium guy is BACK

Hot podium guy is BACK: Thrilled social media users celebrate as attractive sound check man is seen outside Downing Street as Liz Truss delivers final speech as PM

  • Tobias Gough, 39, became a Twitter sensation after users spotted his good looks 
  • Sound engineer rose to social media fame after Theresa May’s 2019 resignation 
  • He returned to set up the podium for Boris Johnson’s resignation speech in July
  • Twitter users celebrated his return on TV today for Liz Truss’s swift No 10 exit

While Liz Truss’s departure and Rishi Sunak’s appointment thrilled political watchers today, the real story for some was the return of a long-missed No 10 staffer.

Tobias Gough – the man dubbed ‘hot podium guy’ for his previous roles placing the Downing Street lectern – made a triumphant reappearance.

Admirers following proceedings on television likely swooned or even clutched their chests as Mr Gough, 39, from Longfield, Kent, made his long-awaited return.

Like a conquering King or Queen, he inspired utter devotion as he took the podium out of the door and left it on the ground before leaving.

The simple act – so crucial in speech scenarios – meant Liz Truss was able to make her leaving remarks and depart No 10 for good.

Twitter user Jayne spoke for Mr Gough’s army of supporters as she wrote ‘Everyone be watching the news to see if #hotpodiumguy makes an appearance’.

The sound engineer earned the moniker after a legion of social media users collapsed over his tight-black t-shirt and muscled arms.

‘Hot podium guy’ Tobias Gough, 39, was back in action today, thrilling his army of fans

He was first spied setting up the lectern for Theresa May, sparking a flurry of excitement

Tobias Gough, 39, from Longfield, Kent, earned the moniker ‘hot podium guy’ after a legion of Twitter users swooned over his tight-black t-shirt and muscled arms 

Seán Seosamh Robertson posted: ‘Well that’s all I’ve been waiting for, no interest now in waiting for Dizzy Lizzy.’

Dr Alice Lilly said: ‘I think Hot Podium Guy is part of the UK constitution now.’

Craig Crowther wrote: ‘Nothing marks big political events in Britain like the return of hot podium guy.’

TomFormanUK tweeted: ‘Hot podium guy is back this morning on BBC. The only thing worth watching.’

Ladshots added: ‘For those not in the UK, wondering why we frequently change prime minister, its not for any political reason, but so we can see #HotPodiumGuy setting up the Downing Street sound system.’

Mr Gough first came to attention during Theresa May’s final speech at PM in July 2019, earning a score of admirers online. 

Before Boris Johnson addressed the nation to announce his resignation as Prime Minister in July, ‘Podium Guy’ fans called on him to step into the breach: ‘I vote that we keep ‘Podium Guy’ on as interim and let Boris leave today,’ said one on Twitter.

Many people swooned over Mr Gough on Twitter in July. One even joked: ‘Nothing marks big political events in Britain like the return of hot podium guy’

In 2019, Mr Gough revealed his surprise at the attention he had received, telling MailOnline at the time that he ‘isn’t model material’.

He said: ‘I have to say it was great lighting to make me look that good, the sun must have been at the right angle.

‘I can assure people that I don’t usually look as well as that – I won’t going to be going into the modelling business just yet.

‘I’m 36 so I think my best days may be well behind me.

‘But it’s been very funny reading all the comments on social media.

Mr Gough married wife Tina just two weeks before the chaos in May 2019 in a quiet ceremony in Scotland.

At the time, he said: ‘I’ve not spoken to her yet and I’m wondering the reaction I’m going to get but she’s messaged and taken in it all in good spirits.”

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