Five-year-old girl saw her dad blast mom 19 times at grandma's home – then re-lived horror to cops

Five-year-old girl saw her dad blast mom 19 times at grandma's home – then re-lived horror to cops

A FIVE-year-old girl who saw her dad blast her mom 19 times has relived the horror as she described the ordeal to cops.

Ulisses Medina Espinosa,33, shot his ex-wife Stacia Hollinshead, 30 at his parents' home in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin while the little girl was playing outside.

The five-year-old girl told cops in heartbreaking detail how she was at her grandmom's house with her mom when suddenly her dad stormed in, handed her some gifts and went on to shoot her mom 19 times.

''He started shooting mommy with a gun,'' she said. ''He kept shooting mommy.''

The traumatised little girl said she was worried about her dad being in the house as she knew it was a ''huge problem'' because her parents ''aren’t supposed to see each other'', according to the Mirror.

She also said that after the shooting, her dad told her ''The judge won’t hurt us anymore.''

Stacia, an army intelligence officer decided to leave her controlling husband back in 2016, reports the outlet.

Despite their divorce Espinosa, 33, continued to be obsessive, followed her several times and drove by her house in Sycamore, Illinois.

The 33-year-old would also question their daughter, trying to find out where they were as well as calling Stacia multiple times- on one occasion he dialed her number more than 65 times.

She was eventually able to take out a protection order saying he had been ''verbally and emotionally abusive'' and was granted full custody of their daughter.

In the meantime, she had kept good relations with her ex-in-laws so in March 2019 she took her daughter for a pre-arranged visit.

Suddenly Espinosa stormed in gave some grifts to his daughter and proceeded to shot his ex-wife 19 times.

Cops who rushed to the scene found the woman with several gunshot wounds on the floor, Espinosa's mom screaming  ''He killed her!'' and the little girl sobbing.

 The 33-year-old was arrested and held on $2million bail.

He initially claimed he suffered from mental instability but in December last year, he pleaded guilty to first-degree intentional homicide.

In April he was sentenced to life in prison.

Dodge County assistant district attorney Kurt Klomberg said, ''Ulisses Medina Espinosa is a man of terrible character and is ultimately a coward.''

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