FBI took empty folders, photographs and clothes from Mar-a-Lago

FBI took empty folders, photographs and clothes from Mar-a-Lago

EXPOSED: FBI seized wardrobe items, magazines, books and 43 classified folders that were EMPTY during infamous Mar-a-Lago raid – as well as 11,000 documents and photos, newly unsealed documents reveal

  • New unsealed listings show more materials that were seized from Mar-a-Lago 
  • Includes clothing, magazines and empty folders with ‘classified markings’ 
  • The bureau took from Trump’s Florida residence  

The FBI seized empty folders with classified markings, clothes, books and government photographs during their raid on Mar-a-Lago, a new inventory list unsealed by a judge on Friday revealed. 

The list shows that several folders found during the raid had classified markings on them – but there were no contents inside. Magazine and news articles were also picked up. 

The Florida Southern District Court release also confirms top secret documents were among the stash of items, which were displayed in the photo of files sprawled on the floor released by the Justice Department this week. 

The new details were unveiled as Trump lawyers fought to get a special master to review the documents taken during the search last month. 

Among the items listed in the documents released Friday are 43 empty folders that were found in Trump’s office that are marked as ‘classified’ and more than 1,500 magazines, newspapers, press articles and other printed media from around his home. 

A judge unsealed a new inventory list of the materials seized from Mar-a-Lago during the raid of the former president’s residence last month

The listings include several documents and photographs with ‘classification markings’, as well as ‘clothing/gift items’ and unnamed books

The former president claimed last month that during the raid the FBI ‘rummaged’ through former first lady Melania Trump’s closet at their Mar-a-Lago estate.

‘The whole World was watching as the FBI rummaged through the house, including the former First Lady’s closets (and clothing!), alone and unchecked,’ Trump posted to his Truth Social account.

‘They even demanded that the security cameras be turned off (we refused), but there was no way of knowing if what they took was legitimate, or was there a ‘plant?’ This was, after all, the FBI!’ he added.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) released an image Tuesday evening of documents marked as ‘secret’, ‘top secret’ and ‘SCI’, which were spread across the floor of Mar-a-Lago next to a box with a Time Magazine inside.

The department said the documents were among those seized during the FBI search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence earlier this month in relation to a case alleging he took materials from the White House when leaving office.

Trump on Wednesday morning accused the DOJ of trying to make it look like he threw the documents on the floor or was storing sensitive materials in this way at his Florida residence.

The new document release comes after a federal judge in Florida said she would unseal more inventory as Trump’s lawyers sought additional information on the raid.

Trump-appointed Judge Aileen Cannon is holding off on Trump’s request to have a special master review materials seized in the FBI raid, and said Thursday that she would issue a written order on the matter.

The new inventory list comes the same week the DOJ released an image of documents strewn across the floor of Mar-a-Lago, many including ‘secret’ and ‘top secret’ labels

She announced how she would proceed after pressing government lawyers on why she shouldn’t grant Trump’s request to have a third party review the documents – even as the DOJ said it would delay its investigation.

The in-person hearing came after a week of dueling paper filings, and came after Trump lawyer Jim Trusty compared government documents found at the president’s club to an ‘overdue library book.’

Coincidentally, several of the materials found that were unsealed on Friday, include magazines, printed news and unnamed books.

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