Family describe 'holiday from hell' after being forced into quarantine

Family describe 'holiday from hell' after being forced into quarantine

Father of two, 32, tells how his £4,000 family break to Greece became a ‘holiday from hell’ after being forced to quarantine in ‘filthy’ rat-infested hotel with partner and young children despite testing negative for COVID SIX times

  • Andy Stanton spent £4,000 on much-needed family break to Greek island Zante
  • Despite negative test at airport, authorities rang him to tell him result was wrong
  • Mr Stanton, his wife and two children have been forced into a hotel quarantine 
  • Family describe dire conditions including ants and mice and broken aircon unit
  • They were told they must stay until August 10 when they were due to head home 

A father has revealed how a £4,000 family break has turned into the ‘holiday from hell’ after being forced to quarantine with his partner and two young children despite the fact that he tested negative for COVID on six separate occasions.

Andy Stanton, 32 was randomly tested for COVID at the airport after arriving on the Greek Island of Zante with his wife Katrina, 31 and their two children; Olly, 3 and Isla, 4 on July 29 for what they thought would be the ideal way to overcome their lockdown blues.

Mr Stanton received a message telling him he was negative but just hours after checking into the four-star Caretta Beach and Water Park resort for their two-week break he was called by Greek health officials and told that he had in fact tested positive.

After being confined to their room at the resort, the family was then moved to a special quarantine hotel, where they have been forced to remain in a room infested with ants and mice. The have also described the food as so poor that their children go to bed crying each night on empty stomachs.

Andy Stanton and his family (pictured) has revealed how a family break turned into the ‘holiday from hell’ after they were forced to quarantine despite the fact he tested negative for COVID

The family have said their quarantine room is in a dire condition and is infested with ants 

Andy said they are served cold and stale food during their stay meaning they often go hungry

With temperatures on the island reaching 35C, Mr Stanton fumed that the air conditioning in their room does not work all the time while the WIFI is only intermittent.

He sobbed: ‘We are desperate, this is the worst thing that has ever happened to us.

‘My partner is crying each day and so are the kids and we shouldn’t even be in quarantine because I have tested negative six times since arriving in Greece.

‘We were so looking forward to this holiday after the long lockdown in Britain. The kids were so excited at having fun in a water park resort and they just don’t understand what’s going on.’

He added: ‘The room we’re in is so filthy that if you walk across the floor without any shoes and socks, your feet turn black. It’s hot and sticky, there’s no WIFI to keep the kids entertained and it’s worse than being in prison.’

The family have reported mice and ants in their room. Pictured: a mouse in their hotel room

Desperate to show that he did not have COVID, Mr Stanton paid for three tests at a private clinic, which cost him around £600 and were all negative. He also carried out three lateral flow tests himself, which were also negative.

He added: ‘I’ve done my own tests and had proper ones at a clinic and all of them are negative.

‘Greek officials told me that if I tested negative for COVID after two PCR tests we would not have to quarantine but I’ve done that, and we’re still stuck in this hell hole. 

‘I also asked them to provide me proof of the positive test at the airport, but they’ve not shown me anything.’

Both Mr Stanton and Katrina are double vaccinated.

Katrina cried: ‘I think there’s been some kind of mix up at the airport because so many passengers were getting tested and they gave Andy the wrong result.

Mr Stanton, pictured with Katrina, has warned other Brits seeking a trip abroad to avoid the experience as his £4,000 much-needed family break has turned into a holiday from hell

‘But it’s ruined our holiday. We’re stuck in this disgusting room being served stale bread and cold food.’

Mr Stanton, a kitchen and bedroom fitter from Wigan who runs his own business complained that he has been constantly on the phone to Jet2, the company he booked the holiday with and British embassy officials.

He moaned: ‘Jet2 have abandoned us and said it’s up to us to sort out. How can that be right? We’ve paid them a lot of money but they’re doing nothing.

‘We’ve told them about the conditions in the hotel and that I can prove I’m COVID negative and we’re not getting any help.

‘The British embassy in Greece said it’s got nothing to do with them as they can’t interfere with the Greek authorities.’

The family have been told that they will have to remain in quarantine until August 10, the date their holiday was supposed to end.

Infested: Pictures taken during their stay show ants and mice on the floors of their hotel room

Katrina said: ‘I don’t know how we’re going to survive because the conditions in this hotel are truly terrible. There’s more chance of us getting COVID by staying here.’

In an attempt to keep their children occupied, the couple have managed to secure a paddling pool which they have placed in a small patio area adjoining their room, the only area they are allowed to go out to.

Mr Stanton said: ‘It’s not quite a water park and the kids are very disappointed but we’re doing our best to pass the time.

‘I just don’t understand why after six negative COVID tests we can’t be allowed to leave and have our holiday?’

In a warning to other British holiday makers, he added: ‘I would advise people not to go abroad for a break because the testing regime in a lot of countries is a mess.

‘And if they get the result wrong, as in my case, then the consequences are disastrous.’

Jet2 has been contacted for comment.

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