Ex-lover of woman missing for three weeks sent her abusive texts on night she disappeared – The Sun

Ex-lover of woman missing for three weeks sent her abusive texts on night she disappeared – The Sun

A MISSING woman’s ex-lover sent profanity-laced texts prior to her disappearance, claiming she made their “relationship suck.”

John Ozbilgen – named a person of interest in Stephanie Parze’s missing case on Tuesday – sent a total of 10 unanswered text messages the night she vanished.

Monmouth County Assistant Prosecutor Caitlyn Sidley disclosed Ozbilgen called his ex-girlfriend a “f**king c***” after rapidly sending his messages within a 9 minute time span, the Asbury Park Press reported.

Stephanie – a 25-year-old New Jersey, US, resident – was last seen on the night of October 30, after visiting a psychic medium with friends.

A simple assault domestic violence complaint was filed by Stephanie on September 23, according to NJ.com.

Ozbilgen was also hit with three other domestic violence claims this year, with three separate women.

During a search related to Stephanie's disappearance, authorities found child pornography on his phone and sent him to jail.

On Tuesday, Ozbilgen was released on bail.

Following Ozbilgen's child pornography hearing, his attorney Robert A. Honecker Jr. said: “He maintains his innocence in regards to his child pornography charge.

“My client maintains that he did not have these things on his phone intentionally.”

Ozbilgen has not yet been charged in the disappearance of Stephanie and his simple assault complaint hearing has been postponed until December 17.

Donations can be made to the Parze Family Emergency Fund on GoFundMe, which has already raised more than $11,000 during the past three weeks.

Stephanie's father, Edward Parze, told NJ.com his own search is set to start Wednesday: “People are giving us tips, if they see things here and see things there.

"When you keep getting the same places over and over again, you get curious. It’s just a check box to make sure nothing comes out of them."

A wooded area of a Staten Island park has already been searched twice by authorities as Ozbilgen's phone records trace back to that location the night Stephanie disappeared.

Anyone with information on Stephanie’s whereabouts is urged to call Detective Shawn Murphy at 732-431-7160, ext 7032.

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