'Enraged' Chris Rock fan nabbed at first show since Will Smith slap

'Enraged' Chris Rock fan nabbed at first show since Will Smith slap

Moment ‘enraged’ Chris Rock fan is MACED and handcuffed after refusing to wear a face mask at comedian’s first show since being slapped by Will Smith

  • Rowdy Boston gig saw a handful of fans booted out for yelling ‘Will Smith!’
  • But Kaleb Anthony Herd, 25, pinched after taking issue with mask enforcement
  • Herd got violent toward Wilbur Theater security and Boston cops: DA’s office
  • Video shows police cuffing Herd and pressing his body down hard on sidewalk
  • He’s charged with misdemeanor assault and battery plus resisting arrest
  • Chris Rock got lengthy standing ovation and opened: ‘How was your weekend?’

A Chris Rock fan was booted out and arrested during the comedian’s first show since he was slapped by Will Smith at the Oscars.

Kaleb Anthony Herd, 25, was one of several ticket-holders at the Wilbur Theater Wednesday night who didn’t make it to the end of the show.

Heckles of ‘Will Smith!’ and ‘F**k Will Smith!’ were commonplace at Chris Rock’s Boston gigs on Wednesday and Thursday night, prompting a flurry of ejections.

Kaleb Anthony Herd, 25 (dressed in white), is accused of trying to punch a Boston PD sergeant

A tearful Herd was maced and cuffed before being put in a squad car following the altercation

Cops pinned Herd down on the ground and cuffed him as he allegedly resisted arrest

But Herd was booted out for taking issue with the venue’s mask policy, leading to an altercation with theater security and, ultimately, Boston police.

Footage aired by ABC shows the Quincy neighborhood man being maced, handcuffed and put into a squad car after an alleged assault on officers.

Herd is pushed to the ground as cops lean on his back to detain him.  

He’s charged with one misdemeanor count of assault and battery on a police officer, three misdemeanor counts of assault and battery and sole misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and trespassing, the Boston Globe reported.

Herd allegedly assaulted two theater workers, one police officer and a friend who was with him after they tried to calm the situation. 

According to a police report, Herd ‘jumped out of his seat and began to scream’ after he refused to wear a mask and was asked to leave.

It continues: ‘Kaleb also was acting in an aggressive and volatile manner, continuously raising his arms up and down, puffing out his chest and pointing fingers as he threatened all parties trying to escort him out.’

He then tried to punch Boston cop Sgt. Shaughnessy, it adds.

Herd was released Thursday morning but has been ordered to avoid the Wilbur plus any witnesses or victims in the case. 

Herd has been banned from the Wilbur Theater and cannot contact any witnesses or victims

Boston PD said Herd ‘jumped out of his seat and began to scream’ after being asked to leave

Chris Rock (pictured arriving at the Wilbur Theater Wednesday) has skirted talk of the slap

Dressed all in white, Rock took to the stage at the Wilbur and asked: ‘How was your weekend?’

Will Smith slapped Rock at the Academy Awards Sunday night after a joke about wife Jada

Suffolk District Attorney Kevin Hayden said in a statement: ‘Police and prosecutors deal with crimes that are heartless. They deal with crimes that are tragic. They deal with crimes that are brutal. And then they deal with crimes that are just senseless. This falls in the last category.

‘Hopefully the next time Mr. Herd attends a public event he’ll be smart enough to adhere to the basic rules.’ 

Dressed all in white, Rock took to the stage at the white-hot Wilbur Theatre and asked the excited crowd: ‘So, how was your weekend?’

Rock struck a sincere tone as he said he would address the slap when he’s finished ‘processing’

But that wasn’t good enough for some hecklers who continued to yell ‘Will Smith!’ at Rock

Tickets for Rock’s Boston shows have now been spotted selling for thousands of dollars

‘Let me be all misty and s***,’ he said, with tears in his eyes.

‘I don’t have a bunch of s*** to say about that, so if you came here for that…’ 

‘I had written a whole show before this weekend.

‘I’m still processing what happened, so at some point I’ll talk about that s***. It’ll be serious. It’ll be funny, but right now I’m going to tell some jokes.’

Rock skirted the subject again in his second set but seemingly confirmed that he has not spoken with Smith since being smacked in the jaw on live television.

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