Elevator plunges at Brazilian condominium, injuring three people

Elevator plunges at Brazilian condominium, injuring three people

Moment overcrowded elevator with 11 people crammed inside plunges into the basement at a Brazilian residential building leaving three injured

  • Three passengers were injured and taken to a hospital after the elevator they were in dropped from the first floor to the basement at a condo in Brazil
  • Eleven passengers boarded the lift in the 10th floor and it descended without issues to the lobby, but the doors did not open before it violently dropped 
  • The building’s manager suggested that the elevator, which has been taken out of service as part of the investigation, plunged because of excess weight 

At least three people were seriously injured after 11 passengers crammed into an elevator before it plunged into the basement of a condominium in northeast Brazil.

The incident took place Sunday afternoon in Mangabeiras, Maceió, after the passengers boarded the elevator and ignored its limit of eight people.

A surveillance video showed a woman appearing to press the lift’s button to keep the doors from closing so that the rest of the people could get in.

The elevator descended from the 10th floor to the lobby without any issues. However, the doors did not open, causing it to drop violently to the basement.

The elevator was crowed with 11 people, surpassing its limit of eight. The building manager suggested that the excess in weight could have caused it to suddenly drop from the first floor to the basement

A woman is tended to moments after suffering an injury as a result of a overcrowded elevator dropping from the lobby to the basement of a condo in Brazil on Sunday

The passengers were trapped for about nine minutes and were helped out after building residents broke the doors open.

The injured people were taken by cars to a local hospital. The extent of their injuries is unknown.

Leonardo Pereira, who has been managing the building for one year, told news outlet G1 that the elevator’s excess weight may have contributed to the accident.

In a separate interview with UOL Noticias, he said he heard a loud “thud” when the elevator made contact with a safety spring box located below the basement.

A passenger presses the elevator button to keep the doors from closing before 11 people packed the lift in the 10th floor of a Brazilian condominium on Sunday. The elevator made it to the lobby but its doors did not open before it violently dropped to the basement, injuring 11 people

The passengers were eventually escorted out of the elevator by condominium tenants who pried open the doors

The elevator has been placed out of order while a full investigation is conducted by a third party. 

São Paulo Fire Department captain Andre Elias told news outlet Estado that passengers should always exercise caution when boarding elevators.

“It is essential to respect the operating limits of the elevator,” he said. “The person should pay attention to the maximum load of occupants and check if the elevator is stopped on the floor, that is, if it is at the same level of the floor.”

Elias added that building administrators are have to stay on top of the elevator’s maintenance schedule to ensure it operates efficiently.

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