Edmonton’s incoming police chief lays out his goals

Edmonton’s incoming police chief lays out his goals

Dale McFee believes face-to-face conversations are the best way to build relationships with community groups.

He demonstrated that on Wednesday when he sat down for what he called an informal chat with the media.

McFee, who takes over as Edmonton’s police chief in February, talked about a wide array of subjects; from why he hasn’t spoken to his predecessor to how he plans to use analytics to best identify what needs to be fixed.

McFee was previously chief of the Prince Albert Police Service where he garnered high praise for his community-based approach to policing.

A “balance’ as he calls it, is working with social groups to get people help before they get to the justice program.

“Arrest people we’re afraid of, not people we’re mad at,” he said Wednesday.

McFee also talked about integrating the justice system and the health-care system.

Other topics he discussed were Edmonton’s controversial carding practice and his possible involvement in the Pride Parade.

Watch below: Videos of Dale McFee speaking about a number of different topics on Wednesday.

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