Dramatic moment car is CHASED by huge mob of protesters who ‘smash a window’ as the vehicle drives through crowd

Dramatic moment car is CHASED by huge mob of protesters who ‘smash a window’ as the vehicle drives through crowd

DRAMATIC video shows the moment a car is chased by protesters who appear to bang on and reach through the windows at a Hollywood protest Thursday night.

Demonstrators came out to the largely peaceful event to protest the grand jury verdict in the Breonna Taylor police killing case, a shocking decision that has led to mass protests across the US.

Video footage obtained by KCAL shows a white Prius attempting to drive through protesters and getting into some sort of altercation.

Protesters on foot attempt to chase after the car before it speeds away for a first time.

A driver in a pick-up truck, who was attending the protest, chased after the Prius and was able to cut the driver off, bringing them to a stop. In another attempt to get away, the Prius driver backs into a green car behind it that had joined the chase.

Both the driver of the pick-up truck and the green car can then be seen getting out of their vehicles and attempting to pull the Prius driver out of their car, banging on and reaching into the windows.

The driver eventually sped away again, however, the LAPD said that the driver — along with another pick-up truck driver suspected of hitting a protester after a separate altercation with the crowd of protesters Thursday — has been detained.

"Several blocks away, the motorist was detained by Hollywood officers," the LAPD's statement said. "There were no injuries associated with the second incident."

The statement also noted that the protester struck in the first incident was transported to a hospital to be treated for minor injuries, before disclosing that an investigation is ongoing.

"All of the drivers and victims involved in both altercations have been identified by Hollywood officers and the investigation is continuing," the department said.

Protests have erupted across the US after it was announced on Wednesday that a Kentucky grand jury had decided not to charge the officers who shot Breonna Taylor in her Louisville home in March after entering on a botched warrant.

Like Black Lives Matter protests that have taken place across the nation throughout the summer, demonstrations have been largely peaceful. However, violence has broken out on a few occasions.

In Louisville on Wednesday night, two police officers were shot in chaos that broke out after the grand jury announcement. Both are in stable condition.

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