Disgusting moment 'fish-obsessed' woman, 18, eats raw salmon fillets

Disgusting moment 'fish-obsessed' woman, 18, eats raw salmon fillets

Disgusting moment ‘fish-obsessed’ woman, 18, chomps on raw salmon fillets from the supermarket despite risk of parasites – and says she’s ‘definitely got worms’

  • Aggie Waller, 18, from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, boasted her love of raw fish
  • She posted a video of herself proudly gorging on fillets of uncooked salmon
  • Shocked users warned the untreated fish could lead to 39ft long tapeworms 
  • Unfazed Miss Waller said she ‘definitely has worms’ but won’t give up the snack

This is the stomach-churning moment a woman shocked thousands online as she boasted about eating raw salmon – despite the risks of parasites.

Fish-obsessed Aggie Waller, 18, makes no bones about her love of marine food and says she grabs a raw fillet at every opportunity.

In a video posted online, she is seen cramming down the uncooked fish straight out of the packet with her fingers, despite it not being sashimi-grade salmon and safe to eat.

The young lady’s raw-salmon-eating habits are regular and she explains that she was fed raw fish as a child by her dad.

Aggie Waller, 18, of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, says she was fed uncooked fish as a child and adores munching raw salmon straight out of the packet, despite the risk of parasites

Miss Waller proudly filmed herself gorging on the raw fillets, even boasting she ‘definitely has worms’ when viewers pointed out the health hazards 



Raw salmon is a known source of parasites and in particular tapeworm, which can develop from bacteria and grow up to 39 feet long.

Although they are fairly uncommon in western countries, Parasites up to 59ft long have been found in some people.

Miss Waller’s friends and family have laughed off her eccentric eating habits as a quirk but many online expressed their shock and horror after seeing the viral video.

One person commented: ‘The salmon you get for sushi is specifically treated for parasites so it’s safe.

‘You shouldn’t just eat any random cut of salmon they will be filled with parasites that can have a drastic effect on your health and can live inside you for years.’

Another said: ‘Get some worm tablets asap’.

Miss Waller, from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, said: ‘I take the comments on the chin but it’s the same thing over again and it’s getting boring now.’

Miss Waller’s friends and family laugh it off as a quirk but many online expressed their shock and horror after seeing the viral video

She started eating raw salmon in 2019 and has never looked back.

‘My friend and I would walk to the shop to buy our snacks as you do when you’re 15 and that was my snack of choice.

Aggie admitted that she ‘definitely has worms’ but doesn’t intend to stop eating the bizarre snack.

‘I like the texture of the raw salmon in my mouth and it’s never made me ill eating it despite knowing, since I started eating, the health risks.’

Tapeworms have evolved specialized ‘heads’ that carry an arsenal of spines or retractable hooks to attach themselves to the intestines of their hosts.

These parasites don’t have a gut of their own. Instead, they use their outer surface to absorb nutrients and excrete waste.

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