‘Depressed’ mom Oreanna Myers left 4 notes revealing how she shot 5 kids ‘in head & set house on fire’

‘Depressed’ mom Oreanna Myers left 4 notes revealing how she shot 5 kids ‘in head & set house on fire’

"DEPRESSED" mom Oreanna Antoinette Myers left four notes revealing how she fatally shot five kids "in the head and set their house on fire."

Myers, the mom who murdered her three children and two stepchildren before setting their house on fire in West Virginia, left three hand-written notes and a letter to her husband, according to WV Metro News.

Greenbrier County Sheriff Bruce Sloan revealed the shocking details of the December 8, 2020, tragedy during a Thursday press conference in Fairlea.

Sheriff Sloan said the 25-year-old mom left three notes – each with a different title – in a ziplock bag.

The bag was found duct-taped to the passenger side mirror of her and her husband Brian Bumgarner's car – which had recently been in an accident and unable to be used, the news out reported.

Note #1 – 'To Whomever Finds This First'

One note – titled: "To whomever finds this first" read: "You’ll need to call Brian Bumgarner. He is husband and father. You’ll need to call Raven, for she is mother of Shaun and Riley.

"If someone would please call my mother. Tell her I’m sorry, this is no one’s fault but my own.

"My demons won over me and there’s no going back. So sorry I wasn’t strong enough. Thank you. XOXO, OAM.”

Note #2 – 'My Confession'

In another note – titled "My Confession," Myers wrote: "I had shot all of the boys in the head. I had set house on fire. I had shot myself in the head. I’m sorry.

"Mental health is serious. I hope one day someone will help others like me.

"Mental health is not to joke about or taken lightly. When someone begs, pleads, cries out for help, please help them.

"You just might save a life or more lives. Thank you, OAM.”

Note #3 – 'Will'

The last note was Myers' "Will" – which was not read during the press conference as it was "personal," Sheriff Sloan said.

Sheriff Sloan, however, did reveal a bloody fingerprint seemed to be placed next to Myers' initials "OAM."

Letter to her husband

On the floor of the car, a fourth note was found specifically for Myers' husband and also included a bloody fingerprint.

Myers wrote in the apologetic letter: "XOXO. I’m so sorry Brian. I was not strong enough for you or this family. My head is so (expletive).

"I’m sorry for my evil crime. I was not strong enough to fight these demons.

"Snap. Crunch, Boom. So depressed. Heart numb. Soul completely shattered.

"I am sorry I failed you. I am sorry I failed our handsome boys. I am so sorry I was not strong enough. OAM.”

The five boys – Haiken Jirachi Myers, 1, Arikyle Nova Myers, 3, Kian Myers, 4, Riley James Bumgarner, 6, and Shaun Dawson Bumgarner, 7 – were found dead inside their home and Myers' remains were discovered outside.

Brian Bumgarner wasn't home at the time of the murder-suicide as he stayed with relatives during the week due to transportation issues, according to Sheriff Sloan.

Sloan also revealed chilling video footage was obtained from a school bus that had dropped off two children at a stop on the day of their deaths.

As the investigation into Myers' case has ended, Sloan explained: "Obviously we can’t determine why Oreanna Myers chose to end the lives of five children and then take her own life.

"However, through all the facts and evidence obtained during this investigation and all the information that’s been acquired that we concluded did occur on Dec. 8, 2020 at 611 Flynns Creek Road."

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