Dad blasts school's 'dictatorship regime' after pupils pulled out of class for 'farcical' uniform checks

Dad blasts school's 'dictatorship regime' after pupils pulled out of class for 'farcical' uniform checks

A DAD has blasted a school's "dictatorship regime" after pupils were pulled out of classes for "farcical" uniform inspections.

The anonymous parent said teachers rapped Year 9 students for hair bobbles and small logos on black shoes during the checks at St Leonard's Catholic School in Durham.

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But school chiefs say the checks are part of standard procedure at the start of the academic year.

The dad said: "The school has decided to pull children out of lessons to do a uniform inspection.

"They've now spent the last day ringing round parents about the uniforms.

"My daughter had black shoes on that had a black logo on the top.

"They're saying that's completely wrong and it should be a plain black leather shoe.

"On their website, it shows the criteria and their own shoes have got a design on them.

"When you have parents on furlough and losing jobs, it just seems a bit farcical. It's caused an uproar.

"It just seems like they have taken it to a whole new level.

"They're even picking up on the colour of hair bobbles. It's like a dictatorship regime."

The school's uniform policy states that shoes are to be black leather, plain, formal and polished.

Laces and stitching must also be black, it's said.

The dad said: "They're trying to implement detentions and they're now starting to make uniform checks every single morning to make sure it's to the standard.

"Other schools are more bothered about children's learning and their attendance.

"My daughter has been extremely anxious all weekend, she's been dreading going back to school in case she gets picked up on. She hates getting in trouble.

"I just don't see the benefits for nitpicking on the colour of hair bobbles. I'd understand if they were wearing ripped jeans or trainers."

Schools across the country recently welcomed children back after the lockdown left many out of education for months.

It's like a dictatorship regime

The dad said: "It's already been difficult enough but this is making them feel worse than they already do in this whole situation.

"They've been out of lessons for six months so surely they should be trying to get them caught up."

In a statement, the school said: "As usual, our normal start of the year routines included a check on uniform.

"This did take a little more time than the ideal this year.

"This problem was resolved by the middle of the week as we gradually got used to our new systems to keep everyone safe.

"We have had many compliments from families on how we have organised the school over the lockdown period, at this time and including our standards on uniform.

"We continue to work with families who need support in any way and encourage any problems to be passed onto the school so that we can address them."

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