Cyclist wheels shopping trolley along road before it crashes

Cyclist wheels shopping trolley along road before it crashes

Off his trolley! Daft cyclist wheels a loaded shopping cart along road before it crashes and overturns

  • Craig Woodland was driving through Cwmbran when he came across the cyclist
  • He filmed the man steering with one hand and dragging an Asda trolley behind
  • But as cyclist reaches a roundabout he hits the kerb and his groceries go flying
  • Footage was recorded in the town of Cwmbran, South Wales

A cyclist’s hilarious attempt to tow his shopping home in a supermarket trolley came to an abrupt end when he hit a kerb, sending his groceries flying.

Craig Woodland captured the moment the rider lost control of his bike and saw his food shop flipped out onto grass next to a road. 

The footage was recorded in the town of Cwmbran, South Wales last night.

Craig was driving through the town when he spotted the man riding a bike down a main road, holding onto a supermarket trolley that was rolling beside him.

It is not known how far the man had cycled, although the cart had a logo for Asda, which has a supermarket nearby. 

‘Check this out boys, what the f*** is going on here,’ Craig can be heard saying in the clip.

Craig, who is also a cyclist, slowly follows the man down the road before they reach a roundabout.

‘I don’t know what he’s going to do when he gets to the roundabout, he’s going to have to drop a cog somehow,’ added Craig. ‘I’ve never seen anything like this.’

But the man appears to struggle changing gear and heads for the pavement.

Craig Woodland was driving through Cwmbran, South Wales when he came across a cyclist steering with one hand while dragging an Asda shopping trolley behind him

In a stunning case of bad luck, the cyclist’s wheel hits the kerb and he loses control of the trolley which overturns onto the grass.

‘Ohhhh, f****** hell,’ Craig exclaims as he drives off the scene.

He later posted the video on Facebook with the tagline: ‘Cwmbran’s finest’.

It has since been viewed over 70,000 times and attracted comments from bemused locals.

Mike Thomas commented: ‘I know Asda must be short of drivers but he’s going to miss his delivery slot.’

Paul Allan added: ‘I was about to comment he wasn’t doing bad considering its hard to push one in a straight line…’

Craig Šaltmeris said: ‘To be fair that’s pretty genius… Quick way to get the shopping home if you got no car…. Shame he got too cocky with the kerb.’

But after reaching a roundabout, the rider is seen hitting a kerb and losing control of the trolley, with his food shop flipping out onto grass next to a road

Tamara Jade added: ‘Saves him money on public transport I guess.’

The identity of the cyclist remains a mystery, however locals reported other sighting of a similar person attempting to carrying other objects while riding a bike.

Steven James: ‘I saw this guy going down Maendy Way. He did exactly the same thing and was running back up the hill collecting his things.’

Wayne Jackson claimed to have seen the same man ‘dragging a lawnmower’ down another road just days before.

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