Couple transform £200k derelict barn into £350k eco holiday home and rent it out for £50k a year – The Sun

Couple transform £200k derelict barn into £350k eco holiday home and rent it out for £50k a year – The Sun

A COUPLE have turned a £150,000 profit after turning a derelict farm building into an eco-friendly retreat.

Art technician Danielle Coates and husband Ben, a carpenter, spent £200,000 on buying six acres of farmland and building the stone cottage, in Roughlee, Lancs.

The two bed property is now worth £350,000 and the couple also rent it out as a holiday let, netting an annual turnover of £50,000.

Original stones from the demolished farm building have been incorporated into the new structure.

Solar panels have been fitted to generate enough energy to run the entire house and Ben has also used recycled timber from the farm to fashion shelves and handles.

One of the property's stand out features is an outdoor hot tub providing stunning views of the unspoilt countryside.

Mrs Coates, a 33-year-old mother of two, said: "My husband Ben used his inheritance from his mother's death to buy six acres of land from his father's farm.

"There was an old farm building on it which must have been there for hundreds of years.

"We initially tried to get permission to build a house but this was rejected, however the council were keen to promote tourism so they approved a holiday cottage.

"We had never taken on a project like this before – when we started I was working as a fine art lecturer.

"My husband who is a carpenter built the cottage and we are environmentally conscious so we incorporated that into the design.

"The solar panels provide all the electricity for the cottage – only the hot tub requires an external electricity supply.

"My husband has used wood from the farm to build shelves and handles, and the cottage is built from the stone from the building which stood before it.

"It has been a challenging, but exciting project. We spent £200,000 on the land and build and the cottage was recently valued at £350,000 as a home, although we have been told it is worth more than that as a business.

"We're fully booked up until next April and I think this is because people like the decor which is different to a traditional country cottage, and of course the hot tub with its stunning views!"

The Rookery is close to the Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – an area that is famous for its witches.

The trials of The Pendle Witches in 1612 are among the most famous witch trials in English history, and the statue of Alice Nutter can be seen in the village.

The property is available to rent on, with a three night stay from £495.

Liz Minshull, business development manager for, said "The Rookery really is unique, combining bespoke craftsmanship with elements of rustic living, the industrial history of Lancashire and steampunk influences – all set amidst the breathtaking backdrop of unspoilt countryside."

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